CBD for Pets: A Buyers Guide

Lately, you may have heard a lot of talk about CBD oil. Many people would testify that it helps with various painful conditions, epilepsy, and anxiety. When looking for products for your puppy, you may notice pet CBD biscuits on sale. Before you pick them up, you may benefit from an understanding of CBD.


What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical found in cannabis and hemp plants. When people think of cannabis ingredients, they may think about THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient that creates the high associated with marijuana. On the other hand, CBD has a different effect on the chemicals in a person or animal’s brain.

CBD products may come in oils or in treats or chews you can offer your pets. Early research shows that CBD may help with arthritis, cancer, pain, and anxiety.*


Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Medicinal CBD for petsBefore you give your pets anything, you need to know how safe it is. According to the AKC, there are about 23,000 papers on CBD’s effect on humans and laboratory animals. While THC is harmful to dogs, CBD is not.*

The worst side effects from CBD include changes in liver enzyme values and cases of diarrhea. One of the concerns vets may have over CBD is its ability to inhibit a chemical in your pet’s body. The chemical cytochrome P450 metabolizes drugs. If CBD interferes with the chemical, it may interfere with certain medications. In cases where the drug’s efficacy depends on metabolizing the drugs, the drugs may be less effective. However, if the drug needs to be cleared from the body in a specific time frame, CBD can cause it to build up.

Dogs and humans have an endocannabinoid system that responds to cannabinoids. While CBD is believed to be generally harmless for your furry best friend, you should always discuss it with your veterinarian beforehand.*


What Can Pet CBD Biscuits Treat?

CBD has various health benefits for your pet. For example, dogs may have less nausea, an improved appetite, a shinier coat, and better joint health when they regularly consume CBD.*


Anxiety is a natural and healthy emotion for dogs and humans. However, it may be a problem when anxiety becomes too intense or occurs too often. Just like people can develop anxiety disorders, dogs can get them too. When your dog has anxiety, odds are they will have behavioral issues.

Various factors contribute to dog anxiety. Many dogs have fear-related or separation anxiety. If your dog reacts to loud noises, strange environments, strange people, or other specific situations, it may have fear-related anxiety. Separation anxiety occurs when you leave the house or have to separate from your furry best friend. The dog may destroy furniture, constantly bark or cause other damage.

Some examples of anxiety-related behaviors include:

  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Drooling
  • Urinating in the house
  • Compulsive behaviors

Using CBD can help your pet feel more relaxed and calm. With pet CBD biscuits, your dog may exhibit less aggression and fearfulness.*


About .75% of dogs have epilepsy. It is a relatively common neurological disorder that affects many pets. Dogs with the disease may have recurring seizures due to an abnormality in the brain. Your pet may have inherited epilepsy genetically, or it may be due to structural problems or unknown reasons.

There are various classes of seizures. The two basic types of seizures are focal and generalized. Focal seizures involve a discrete part of the brain and may affect a specific side or body part. For example, chewing, paddling limbs, attention-seeking, and facial twitches may be signs of focal seizures. Sometimes, awareness can be impaired during a focal seizure.

A generalized seizure affects both sides of the brain. Generalized seizures may manifest as bilateral involuntary muscle movements. Your pet typically loses awareness during a generalized seizure.

While CBD cannot cure epilepsy, it may help control your pet’s seizures. When on a CBD regimen, you may notice fewer seizures.*


If you have a dog in pain, odds are you want to find a healthy, safe way to help them stay comfortable. Arthritis and joint pain are the most common culprits of pain in pets. CBD can help alleviate pain and keep your pet calm. Research shows that some dogs can go from struggling with simple movements to climbing stairs again after starting CBD.*

CBD can help with inflammation associated with arthritis and other sources of pain.*

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How to Choose Pet CBD Products

If you decide you want to use CBD products, how do you choose which products are better for your four-legged pal? When it comes to choosing between oils and chews, it is primarily down to personal preference.

Treats and Chews

There are treats and chews that your dogs may look forward to like a daily treat. Chews come in various flavors that dogs love. For example, Lazy Bones has CBD dog treats in peanut butter cinnamon flavor. Be careful when using treats, however. You do not want to give your pet too many treats at once. Keep track of how much CBD is in each product and how many the label specifications tell you to give your pup.

Tinctures and Oils

Many people administer oils or tinctures orally to their dogs. When it comes to using oils, you need to give your dog the appropriate amount. Most products have a chart that gives you instructions on how much to give your dog based on size and weight.

Full-spectrum CBD pet tincture is made using strains of hemp and salmon oil. Tinctures last for a long time and are easy to take. With an oil-based product, you squeeze the dropper and fill it with the correct amount for your dog.


Put Health First for Your Family and Pets

If your dog struggles with anxiety, behavioral issues, arthritis, or epilepsy, CBD oil may positively benefit their life*. While some people may hesitate about CBD, most research shows that CBD does not harm pets but can instead offer various health benefits*. Look into CBD for pets wholesale sellers have in stock. Always discuss options with your veterinarian first, to be sure your pets’ specific issues are addressed. At Healthy Living, we’re interested in helping you focus on wellness while obtaining the products you and your pets will love. Choose and buy today from our collection of CBD and other healthy products. To find out more about what we have to offer, contact us today.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Consult a medic before taking CBD or other related products.

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