Celebrating Women in Business

As a business, Healthy Living has always supported our local producers and farmers. Among the local businesses whose products we carry, are smart, strong, entrepreneurial women who we celebrate all year long, but wanted to call special attention to on International Women’s Day! As a woman-founded and women owned business, supporting other female business owners is extremely important to us. So, take a moment to meet some of the women behind your favorite local brands! Thank you Katy Lesser and Nina Lesser-Goldsmith for the work you’ve done as women in business for Healthy Living & the communities we serve.

“If you have a good product and passion, it will all work. It’s hard work, but to be a woman today is a great thing. We have everything at our fingertips. Take advantage of all that is offered and always remain grateful!​”
Michelle Hines-Tomlinson: Baby Bundts

“The most rewarding part of our business is the team that we have built and then how this team can collectively work together to grow food and offer genuine and loving experiences for our community! I am just humbled and honored to be part of this group.”

Corie Pierce: Bread & Butter Farm

“I love feeling like “I did this.” I’m employing people, I’m creating something that people I’ve never met have a personal connection to. I’ve taken something that didn’t exist before and making it a thing.”

Claire Georges: Butterfly Bakery of Vermont

“My words of advice are have a clear vision and know where and how you would like to grow your business. It sure isn’t an easy journey but a learning curve. Always provide the best customer service and treat each market and wholesale account individually.”

Karie Pastore: Cherish Natural Soaps

“We made a commitment to have only our company’s owners work at our demos as our enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and dedication to our product is best represented by those of us who live and breathe this lifestyle. The surprise of pure joy, big smiles and a growing list of dedicated customers makes our demos the favorite part of our job!”

Dee Regan: DeeLicious Raw

“When women lead, we invite greatness.”

Ashley Reynolds: Elmore Mountain Therapeutics

“Also, don’t apologize or over-explain. I think we’re socialized to do that as females. Be proud and confident (not apologetic or defensive) always, even if you’re faking. And don’t not do something just because it’s not perfect yet. Perfectionism will drive you to keep reaching and striving and that’s great. It can also hold you back at every stage. That’s up to you.”

Eliza La Roca: Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream

“It’s all on you. You’ve got to really like riding a roller coaster to be running a small business. The highs are high, the lows are low and all your resources are at stake.”

Judith Irving: Fat Toad Farm

“My advice would be that you have to really love what you’re doing and want to do it every single day.”

Stina Kutzer: Gammelgarden Creamery

“My daughter helped me every step of the way from naming the products, picking the designs, tasting recipes, and her favorite part – starring in a local TV commercial! Another rewarding part, which I didn’t expect, was the amount of gratitude I received from the community for solving their dietary and nutritional needs with Green Slice, just like it solved mine.”

Veronique Beittel: Green Slice

“Oh there are so many rewarding parts! Mostly it’s the flexibility, I love that I make my own hours and that I can take time if I need it. In the end I’m mostly a workaholic though (love the quote “Entrepreneurs will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.”) and I’m always working on some aspect of my business.”
Jen Kahn: Jennifer Kahn Jewelry

“Healthy Living has special place in my heart, as it was the very first retailer to carry my popcorn and is where we shop, just around the corner from our house! I appreciate the customers who value enjoying a local organic popcorn treat crafted by a local woman-owned business.”

Karen Brittain: Karen’s Artisan Popcorn

“Once you have sold your first item or service, then you have a business, and the longer you have a business, the better you get at it. So stop talking and start selling. The rest will follow, and it is a phenomenal journey of self discovery.”
Jaqueline Rieke: Nutty Steph’s

What advice do you have for other women out there that might be thinking of starting their own endeavor? “Go for it! Just need to take first step most rewarding career ever.”
Sue Kerber: RAD Soap Co

If you’d like to contribute to this project and be included in this list, email katyk@healthylivingmarket.com. The more, the merrier!