Coffee Tasting with Vermont Coffee Company

September 14, 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Healthy Living is proud to welcome Vermont Coffee Company for a tasting on Thursday, September 14th from 12pm-3pm.

From their website:

Our FRIEND Philosophy

Here at Vermont Coffee Company we try hard to be a good friend — locally and globally.

Our motto, “Coffee Roasted for Friends,” is more than a slogan. It’s really our mission, our reason for being in this business. Coffee is a social stimulus that brings people together to share ideas and stories, and when people come together, a community is formed and friends are made.

We believe it is our responsibility to support farmers and their farm communities, and so we pay an additional social and environmental premium for the high quality organic coffee they grow for us.

Since coffee is an agricultural product, and the quality of a country’s crops can change drastically from year to year, we don’t limit ourselves to specific countries for each of our blends. In general, our beans come from the main coffee-growing regions of South America, Central America, Indonesia, and Africa, specifically Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Sumatra, Ethiopia, and from our good friends in the Dominican Republic, to name a few. We blend the nuances of each region’s beans, and slow-roast them in small batches to create our big, bold coffees.