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Managing My Emotions with Essential Oils. With Kaitlin Moen

November 28, 2016 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Emotions play a powerful and important role in our daily lives. They effect our energy, our relationships, the way we handle stress and our general outlook and enjoyment of the world around us. When negative emotions go unchecked, they can manifest as physical discomfort, lethargy, illness, and even chronic pain.
Come learn how essential oils can be used as a natural tool to empower yourself to feel positive emotion, and as a result, foster health and wellness.
There will be sampling and an in-depth discussion on different oil “families” that aid in a host of common emotions.

– About Kaitlin: Kaitlin Moen is a local doTERRA Wellness Advocate and lifestyle enthusiast. In her four years of sharing and educating others on the benefits of essential oils, she has helped over 400 people empower themselves (and their families!)  with more natural solutions to their healthcare needs. For presentation dates, LIVE informational videos, and other requests or inquires, add her on Facebook or email [email protected].


Healthy Living Market and Cafe

3065 NY Route 50

Saratoga Springs, NY