Northern Spirulina Sampling

February 24, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Healthy Living Market & Cafe is proud to welcome Northern Spirulina, Vermont’s first spirulina farm, into the store for a demo!

From their website:

Northern Spirulina offers raw, living spirulina and fresh spirulina that has been frozen immediately after harvest. Spirulina has, until now, been unavailable in this form in Vermont!

Spirulina is over 60% protein by weight (the highest of any food) and contains all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.

Raw is considered to be the best way to consume spirulina, with fresh-frozen spirulina following closely behind. Northern Spirulina offers both options!

Fewer nutrients are lost through cold preservation (freezing), versus the standard heat preservation (dehydration), that results in the more common spirulina power that you

find in stores.

Northern Spirulina’s raw and fresh-frozen products taste is impeccable! Drop a tablespoon of raw spirulina or a cube in water and see for yourself!

The spirulina we grow is 100% natural, using only pure ingredients, mirroring the way it has grown naturally for 3.6 Billion Years!

We strongly believe in the power of local foods.  Most of the spirulina that you purchase at the supermarket or co-op is grown in either California, Hawaii or Florida.  We aim to be part of the local foods and products movement in Vermont by producing a high-quality, great tasting, and versatile superfood. We are a mission-based, locally owned small business with a strong focus on sustainability, food security, and health.

Northern Spirulina takes pride in offering the purest, freshest, most vibrant Spirulina to the people of Vermont.