Yogurt Sampling with Butterworks Farm

September 8, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

From their website:

Our farm started in 1976 has grown incrementally from yogurt and cottage cheese prepared on the wood cookstove and door to door delivery to an array of exceptional quality yogurts, kefirs, heavy cream and buttermilk widely available throughout Vermont and many of the Eastern states.

Our yogurt’s excellent quality and fine flavor is attributed to the protein-rich milk of our Jersey cows. To ensure a premium product we’ve kept our animals, all born and raised on the farm, healthy without antibiotics or hormones. These Divine Bovines feed on the nutrient-dense pasture and hay sweetened by the optimal tilth and life of our soils.

In the heart of northern Vermont’s green mountains our day-to-day-everyday milking, chores, animal care and dairy processing are year round. Each season brings changes to our weather, work and products. Explore the fields and barns of our website to learn more about how thirty years and 3 generations continue to bring you premium quality products.