New Products 1/27/2020 (New York)


Sumo Mandarins – Sumos are like a super big, super sweet and easier to peel clementine. They are tough to grow due to their long growing season and large size, so they are a rare treat even in peak citrus season. With, navels, mandarins, and pomelos as parents, this special fruit inherited what seems to be the best traits of each!

Organic Raw Drink & Eat Coconuts (coming soon) – These fresh coconuts are scored so that they are easy to get into with a straw (fresh coconut water anyone!?) and when you’re done, they’re easy to crack open to get to the sweet coconut within. All your fresh coconut problems, solved.

Gotham Greens Butterhead Lettuce – Urban farm players Gotham Greens are serving up butterhead lettuce grown in greenhouses in NYC! The lettuce is shipped with roots on for maximum freshness, so even in the dead of winter, fresh greens can still be on the menu!. Now available in both stores!


Upstate Elevator CBD Seltzers –  Two flavors of seltzer now join the Upstate Elevator lineup of CBD infused beverages. THC Free, Sugar Free, Sweetener Free, and Zero Calorie. We have Black Cherry and Raspberry Hibiscus on the shelf now.

Caboo sustainable bamboo paper towels, bath tissue, and lemon scented cleaning wipes – Caboo’s tree-free paper products are made from renewable bamboo and sugarcane – not trees! Strong (thanks bamboo), soft (sugarcane fibers!), and sustainable. Make the switch today!

Good Catch plant based fish-free tuna – Three flavors available: Mediterranean, Oil & Herb, Naked.

Just Water – new flavored waters, available in blackberry, lemon, and tangerine.


Sweet Earth Entrees –  Some new flavors to extend this great plant based line. Flavors: Aloha BBQ Quesadilla, Kyoto Stir Fry, Chinese Chik’n, and Filipino Adobo Chik’n.

Bubbies Prepared Horseradish –  Made with natural mustard oil, not the artificial stuff often hidden in ingredients like “soybean oil” and “flavouring”.

Rebbl Mayan Cocoa Gold Label Elixir – The ultimate super herb elixir with 6 super herbs- including 4 mushrooms, and 6g coconut MCTs, soulfully crafted in rich indulgent Mayan Cocoa.


Shikai Color Reflect Shampoo – Make highlights shine brighter for natural and color treated hair in a range of hues – deep for dark hair, gold for a bright overtone, platinum for light hair colors, and warm for a redder hue. Never tested on animals with no animal ingredients, this all natural shampoo has a super gentle formula that protects from the sun and enhances color!

Ceramedx – As a brand, Ceramedx is committed to making paraben and sulfate free products for super sensitive and distressed skin. Ceramides from plant sources, hyaluronic acid, and other emollients work together to heal and repair dry skin. Their products include extra gentle face & body wash, ultra moisturizing body cream, and repair cream and do not include any animal ingredients and have never been tested on animals.

Garden of Life Grass Fed Collagen Creamers – Delicious vanilla and chocolate creamers have energy boosting coconut MCTs, and 10g collagen peptides per serving for enhanced physical performance and happy skin, hair, and joints. This formulation is dairy free and as always, certified organic and non-GMO!