New Products 10/22/2019 (Vermont)


Local Organic Baby Turmeric – Last Resort Farm– Our friends at Last Resort Farm are pushing the local food horizons forward with their specialty crops like sweet baby ginger (come and gone already!) and also their fresh baby turmeric (available now!).  Turmeric is a nutritional powerhouse, adding tons of flavor and antioxidants to juices, stir fries, curries, or salad dressings. Don’t wait to pick some up, the season is very short!

Local Organic Georgia Candy Roaster Squash –  Jericho Settlers Farm- This heirloom squash stores extremely well and develops even more intense sweetness over time! Developed by the Cherokee people, it’s an important part of the tribe’s culinary heritage and continues to be safeguarded in their seedbanks to this day. Use as you would any favorite sweet winter squash – it’s excellent for pies, roasting, and purees!

Organic SweeTango Apples “Sweet with a touch of Honey and Spice” is what the growers have to say about this new apple variety! This very crunchy, very sweet apple is one you don’t want to miss, Honeycrisp lovers in particular will find it very appealing!

Fresh Romanesco – Closely related to both broccoli and cauliflower, romanesco is sweet and nutty.  Perfect for roasting (or for just looking at) this beautiful, precisely constructed vegetable is good for math lessons and for dinner.



Sweet Earth Awesome Burger Blending the juicy, meaty deliciousness of a traditional burger with plant-based nutrition and goodness, the Awesome Burger provides an excellent source of protein, fiber and spot-on flavor. Awesome Grounds available as well. 

American Flatbread Frusta Single ServeNot a pizza, not a calzone. It’s an appetizer, or a snack. It’s a fast, fun, folded flatbread with delicious wholesome ingredients. A pizza for your palm. Flavors: Chicken Pesto, Sausage W/Peppers and Onions, BBQ Pulled Pork, and Pepperoni Bacon. 

Citizen Cider Fresh Apple Cider-  A local hard cider favorite has released some fresh cider at the perfect time of the year. Available in half gallons and gallons. Limited time availability. 

Bell Chevre Cream Cheese-  Handmade spreadable goat cheese (aka Fromage Blanc), with 2.5x more protein than regular cream cheese! Flavors: Original, Honey, Fig, and Cinnamon. 



Secret AardvarkHot Sauces- Try Habanero or Serrananero Green!

Pacific Broths New additions to their bone broth soup line. Tortilla bone broth, Harissa lentil bone broth, and Tom Kha Phak bone broth.

Nixie fruit flavored sparkling waters. Nixie uses real fruit in their drinks, not just “natural flavors”. Try these amazing flavors: Lime Ginger, Peach Black Tea, Pom Green Tea, Watermelon Mint. Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, and Original.

Lark Shortbreads. Four delicious flavors to try: Salted Rosemary, Coconut Butter, Burnt Sugar Fennel, and Pistachio Cherry.

Tea Drops teas. These are really unique, and we’re the only store carrying them! They’ve combined high quality tea with a sugar cube for a tasty and convenient product. No tea bags here, just drop the Tea Drop in hot liquid (water, milk, or plant-based milks) and stir. Lots of unique flavors to try: Rose Earl Grey, Citrus Ginger, Sweet Peppermint, Vanilla White Tea, Turmeric, and Blueberry Acai. 


Liquid Riot From our friends at Liquid Riot in Portland, Maine comes a small batch, limited release of their cans offered for the first time in Vermont!

Available now:

Bobo Pivo Czech-Style Pils

Superlumier IPA

All is Illusion DIPA


VT Pure CBD – This Addison County outfit is a truly seed-to-shelf company, doing everything from growing to selling their full spectrum hemp extracted CBD and everything step between. We chose them because they are committed to operating with the utmost respect for the people, plants, and farmland under their care through growing sustainably and producing very clean products. We will have a great selection of their full spectrum CBD products, including tinctures, capsules, salve and last but not least, their super convenient roll-ons blended with essential oils.

Prima CBD – This band of Wellness Warriors teamed up to provide a solution for the mental, emotional and physical imbalances we all feel each day. They have a commitment to supporting human health, the environment and just ‘doing better’. They are offering CBD with multiple delivery methods to help remind us, self care isn’t selfish! We especially love their 750mg R&R cream designed to soothe your body from the outside in, and their stick packs that you can add to any beverage.  Their packaging is gorgeous but the product is even better – what a dream.

We’re carrying: The Daily capsules. The Go-To, Rest Easy, and Brain Fuel powders. The Trifecta sample pack of powders. And Soak It In bath gem and the R+R cream.

Ancient Nutrition Collagen Shots – Coming Soon! Go ahead and give these a shot! Vital Proteins Collagen Shots are packed with 7g of collagen peptides and loads of great functional ingredients to give you an extra boost morning, noon, and night. Spice up your Wellness routine with the following varieties; Cleanse, Sleep, Glow, Zen, Restore and Defense!