New Products 10/23/17 (Vermont)

There are a lot of fun products coming into Healthy Living, and by fun we mean unusual like organic quince and tart like the POP of organic cranberries. And what could be more fun than “healthy” ice cream and real-food disguised as candy just in time for Halloween. Discover what’s new!


Organic Quince- What’s that unusual looking thing in the produce section that sorta looks like a pear, or maybe it’s an apple but is fuzzy like a peach?  It’s a quince! But don’t take a bite out of it… it’s density and waxy skin might turn you away… COOK WITH IT! Put it in a pie or make a jelly and blow everyone away with the pleasing flavor of this amazing fruit!

Organic Cranberries- Fresh cranberries are here! The crimson berry that heralds in the season with it’s excellent tart flavor and festive color, cranberries have tons of antioxidants, are great in jellies, baked goods, and go beautifully with roasts!

Organic Aloe Vera Leaves- Customers ask and they shall receive! Organic Aloe Vera leaves are here. Use aloe for its cooling and hydrating properties, on your skin or if you doctor approves, as a juice!


Runamok- This Vermont company is taking the already delectable maple syrup products to new, infused and smoky heights… and we are obsessed! Our latest on the shelves for you to enjoy: Merquen smoke chili infused maple syrup.

Eating Evolved- Coconut butter cups. We love the Eating Evolved motto: “It’s food, not candy.” Organic, gluten free, paleo, vegan… Everyone can indulge! Available in four flavors: classic coconut butter cups, caramel ss coconut butter cups, mint cream coconut butter cups, banana cream coconut butter cups

Goodie Girl- You can still be a goodie and enjoy these gluten-free cookies. Grab a bag of Goodie Girl and feel great about it! Try striped fudge cookie, chocolate crème cookie, toffee crunch cookie, oatmeal raisin cookie, quinoa chocolate chip cookie

Goldthread- Herbal tonic drinks. Meticulously crafted tonics made with traditional practices and nourishing herbs and spices. Try all three flavors:  radiance herbal tonic, replenish herbal tonic, clarity herbal tonic.

Natures Bandits- Your little snack-loving bandits will love grabbing these fruit and veggie snack sticks. Healthy, all-natural and organic… snack away! Favors include mixed berry apple veggie stick, apple veggie fruit stick, blueberry apple veggie stick

Six Gun- Chili Mix. Bring out the big guns for your very best chili. Six Gun has been winning fans with their delicious and convenient mix. Taste what chili fans are raving about!


Halo Top Non-Dairy Ice Cream- This low-calorie, low-sugar and high-protein ice cream certainly earned that halo! We have all 7 delicious flavors stocked: Caramel Macchiato, Peanut Butter Cup, Salted Caramel, Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate Covered Banana, Chocolate, and Cinnamon Roll.

One Degree Organics OG Sprouted Tortillas- Who doesn’t love tortillas for breakfast, lunch or dinner? We are pleased to offer this sprouted organic option that’s non-GMO project verified, with 100% traceable. Available in corn and turmeric!

Creek Valley Ginger CBD Kombucha- Kombucha just got boost! This local CBD-infused Kombucha from Creek Valley Cannabidol is the latest, tastiest trend in fermented goodness.

Revolution Foods Lunch Bundle- A healthy, on-the-go lunch kit that you and your kids will love! A balanced lunch with clean, real food, and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Cheese made with rBST-free milk, and meats raised with no antibiotics. Comes in gluten-free options, as well!

Vermont Spatzle Company Spatzle- This delectable local Spatzle, made with tapioca flour, is a great gluten-free option. There are many ways to enjoy spatzle, use it in a traditional recipe or experiment with new creations! Try it for yourself this Friday at our in-house tasting!

Farmhouse Chocolates Ice Creams- If you like to peruse the summer markets in Vermont, you might have cooled off with a scoop of this delightful ice cream. Now Farmhouse Chocolates is packing this product in pints for all to enjoy and our freezer is stocked full of ‘em! There are 4 flavors to choose from: Six-Acre Vanilla, Night Pasture Chocolate, Green Piece Fresh Mint Chip, and a Dark Chocolate vegan sorbet option.


Upstate Elevator Supply Co- This is a Vermont-based company that uses hemp sourced from Colorado and Vermont. Their full-spectrum CBD products are made from non-GMO hemp, using whole-plant extraction, without the use of chemicals or solvents. Available in capsules, liquid, and gummies​.

Flora Omega Sport+ Oil- ​Omega Sport+ provides the foundation for good health with essential fatty acids: omega-3, -6, & -9… fats your body needs. The addition of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) further supports energy production in the brain, heart, and muscles.* Omega Sport+ includes turmeric, which in addition to being an anti-inflammatory, also aids in digestion.* Vitamin D supports bone health.*

Ancient Nutrition: Bone Broth & Collagen- This breakthrough supplement in whole food nutrition now available in Certified Organic varieties and new flavors. Certified USDA Organic, Gluten Free, No Preservatives, Paleo, Non GMO

Plus CBD Oil, CV Sciences- Sourced from Europe, this company offers full traceability from seed to shelf. Every batch is tested in their own lab, as well as third party tested. They offer three lines: Raw, Total Plant Complex, and the Gold Formula.