New Products 11/21/17 (Vermont)

Citrus fruits, pungent cheeses, chocolate treats and seasonal scents… these are just some of our new offerings to make your holidays especially festive. While shopping ramps up, be sure to explore these products to inspire your celebrations. Oh, and don’t forget to stop into our Wellness Department for new supplements to help maintain your state of Zen during this busy time of year.


Organic Satsuma Mandarins- Fantastically sweet and juicy, these seedless little citruses are a perennial staff favorite.  They are easy to peel with a lovely soft flesh. For maximum enjoyment, be sure to choose citrus that is heavy for its size and has a firm, shiny skin – though it’s okay if it is a little green!

Buck Brand Centennial Heirloom Kumquats- Whew! This is an exceptionally large kumquat, with a green and yellow streaked rind.  Kumquats are usually eaten whole – any fan can tell you the juice is tart, the skin is sweet, and not to mind the seeds!  This California grower is known for specializing in “heirloom” citrus varieties, growing them specifically for their exceptional flavor.

Fuyu Persimmons-  This type of persimmon is sweet and firm, with a pleasant crunchy texture and a hint of astringency.  Unlike a Hachiya persimmon, which is only palatable when completely soft, a Fuyu persimmon can be eaten more like an apple.  It will hold its shape in baked goods (persimmon upside down cake, anyone?)


Tumbador- Yeah, we know, chocolate peanut butter cups are one of the most delicious things on earth. Tumbador brings them together in a whole new, organic way… look for the square!  Comes in Milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate.

Earth Circle Organics- Ready to do some holiday baking? Try swapping out cane sugar for coconut sugar for less sweetness and more flavor. Available in bulk.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day- These seasonal scented dish soaps, hand soaps, and all-purpose cleaners make tidying up oh-so pleasant with their delightful aromas. So turn on that holiday music and spruce up your home! Try the  Iowa Pine, Orange Clove, and Peppermint.


Funny Farm Goat Cheese Pizzas- From the company that brings you Laloo’s goat milk ice cream. These crispy thin crust pizzas are a real treat. We have the 3 Goat Cheese, and Sausage & Uncured Pepperoni. No goaty flavors and a clean cheese finish.

Good Karma Holiday Nog– Made with Flaxmilk, this is a great dairy alternative for people who love eggnog but can’t do the dairy. Dairy, Lactose, Nut, Soy, and Gluten free.

No Evil Foods “The Pardon” Vegan Roast-  The President isn’t the only one who can pardon a turkey. This is a great holiday option for vegans made with simple and clean ingredients.

Funny Farm Goat Cheese Pizzas- From the company that brings you Laloo’s goat milk ice cream. These crispy thin crust pizzas are a real treat. We have the 3 Goat Cheese, and Sausage & Uncured Pepperoni. No goaty flavors and a clean cheese finish.

Grafton 3 Year Raw Milk Cheddar– Psst…. having trouble finding this cheese? Don’t want to wait until next year for the latest batch to continue aging? We have some here now. After 3 years of age this cheese takes on the rich flavors of Vermont. Raw cow’s milk are taken from local dairy farms to Grafton’s caves to age.

Maytag Blue Cheese– It’s back just in time for the holidays. Now made with pasteurized cow milk, this creamy blue will liven up any cheeseboard at your party.

Joe’s Kitchen Brown Bottle Cheddar Ale Soup– Made exclusively for Healthy Living by Joe’s Kitchen out of Montpelier, VT using Healthy Living’s Brown Bottle Cheddar. This soup will warm you up during the cold months ahead. Look for it in our hot bar as well. The story of how this soup came about is a great collaboration of Vermont trade partners.


Emerald Health Bioceuticals: Hemp-Free CBD Alternative- Herbal phytocannabinoid formulas (try saying that 10 times fast) supports your endocannabinoid system (ECS). What’s the ECS? This system promotes biological balance in every cell, tissue, and organ supporting the brain, immune system, nervous system and overall health. Products include: Endo Calm, Endo Sleep, Endo Brain, Endo Inflame, Endo Bliss

Vital Proteins- Introducing a new line to premium protein products to our guests. Vital Proteins feature grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen peptides to support hair, skin, nails, joints & bones. The line includes bovine collagen, marine collagen, gelatin, bone broths, and collagen whey proteins.

Source Naturals NightWell™ –For Immune Wellness & Restful Sleep with Melatonin. From the makers of Wellness Formula®
Time-tested herbs, including the traditional Chinese formula Yin Chiao combined with Melatonin helps the body ease into sleep quickly, helping to restore balance in the body and overall in overall wellbeing.

Ancient Apothecary- These 100% therapeutic oils are certified USDA ORGANIC,
The full line of essential oils include:

Frankincense – 5 mL
Lavender – 15 mL
Peppermint – 15 mL
Clove – 15 mL
Lemon – 15 mL
Eucalyptus – 15 mL
Tea Tree – 15 mL
Geranium Rose – 15 mL
Grapefruit – 15 mL
Oregano – 15 mL
Rosemary – 15 mL
Orange – 15 mL
and more!

Ancient Apothecary- This line of fermented herbs & mushrooms are infused with essential oils. The full line of fermented products include:

Holy Basil,
Lions Mane
Turkey Tail