New Products 12/4/2017 (Vermont)

December already?! Time to fetch all those perfect gifts for loved ones… Time to gorge on sweet Satsuma and cook up hearty soups loaded with winter greens. At Healthy Living we are stocked with new products that will jumpstart your holiday spirit. Take a peek at our latest offerings here, and come in to explore and be inspired!


Organic Opal Apples, Washington USA – Aptly named after a gemstone, Opals are the result of breeding the Golden Delicious and Topaz apple varieties. A bright yellow apple, it is soft yet crisp in texture, and has an almost floral flavor with a slightly tart finish. Great for salads, sliced Opal apples don’t brown right after cutting… isn’t that amazing?!

Stem and Leaf Satsuma Mandarin Oranges, Family Tree Farms – Satsuma Mandarins are decidedly a staff favorite! These Satsumas in particular are specially harvested to be shipped at their sweetest and ripest by Family Tree Farms in Reedly, CA.

Organic Escarole – Just in time for classic winter recipes, escarole is a leafy green that looks like lettuce, but has a sturdier texture and more robust flavor, which makes it perfect for adding a bit (or a lot) of green to soups and stews.


Castor & Pollux Organic Tiny Feast Dog Food. “Woof woof!” Allow us to translate: “I want yummy, USDA organic dog food made with a blend of powerful superfoods!” Castor & Pollux Organic Tiny Feast will satisfy your small breed’s appetite and keep you in BFF status. Flavors include: Organic Gluten-Free Chicken Potato, Organic Gluten-Free Turkey Potato, Organic Chicken Quinoa Carrot, Organic Turkey Quinoa Carrot

Kettle Chips. Positively addicting, Kettle Chips are known for their superb crunch and excellent flavors. Now in 3 new varieties: Chile Verde, Spicy Queso Krinkle Chips, Salsa Verde Avocado Oil Chips

Laughing Moon CBD. Infused Chamomile Lavender Truffles. When we heard that Laughing Moon was infusing their luscious truffles with CBD all we could say was, OMG. 4 pieces per box.

Laughing Moon Holiday Truffle and Caramel Gift Sets. Holiday faux pas? Showing up to the holiday party empty handed. These gift sets will do the trick! Comes in dark chocolate salted caramel (4 piece), milk & dark mixed truffle (4 piece), and a sample gift box (12 piece)


Ancient Nutrition: KETO PROTEIN (vanilla or chocolate). Enjoy this specially formulated protein powder with nutritious fats to fuel your mind and muscles. Paleo Friendly, Non-GMO, gluten free, made without dairy, soy and grain. Keto Protein has the ideal ratio of fat-to-protein-to-carbs which can energize your body and provides the necessary building blocks for healthy muscle and tissues. Plus, it’s an excellent source of organic adaptogens!

Badger Essential Baby Set: A perfect gift for holiday or baby showers, this essential collection of ultra-gentle products are perfect to use on baby’s delicate skin from head to toe. Formulated using pure and organic skin-soothing essential oils, plant extracts, emollient butters, and Zinc Oxide. Set includes one .75oz tin Baby Balm, one 4oz bottle Baby Oil, one 2.9 oz tube Diaper Cream. Beautifully packaged in a forest-friendly box—just grab and give!

Pacha Soap, Holiday Bar Soaps & Bath Bombs: Need the perfect stocking stuffer? How about one that carries the festive scent of the holiday season? Pacha’s line of Holiday Bar Soaps & Froth Bombs are useful and festive. HOLIDAY BAR SOAPS: Farmhouse Cider, Pines & Needles, Lump of Coal. FROTH BOMBS: Sugar Plum, Merry Mistletoe, Sugar Plum Fairy

Relaxus: Aroma2Go Aroma Diffuser
Take your love for aromatherapy with you wherever you go! Mini USB ultrasonic aroma diffuser and humidifier is portable, compact and perfect for travel or desktop use. 18ml water capacity. Includes: Filter & USB cable.

Vermont Village Raw Organic Sipping Vinegars: The healing properties of apple cider vinegar are well known and some folks take a shot of the stuff daily to maintain good health. But that can be a little, well… harsh! Finally, a line of sipping vinegars that mixes apple cider vinegar (mother included) with other tasty organic ingredients like honey, cranberries, blueberries, ginger and turmeric. Mix it with water, sparkling water or even with some spirits. Delicious! Available in 8 fl oz or single shots