New Products 2/10/2020 (New York)


Fresh Ugli FruitNative to and exclusively grown in Jamaica, Ugli fruit is a delicious, naturally occurring hybrid of mandarins, oranges, and grapefruits! It’s a funny looking fruit that packs a lot of flavor with a limited season, so don’t wait to try them.

Organic PassionfruitBack in season, passionfruit is ripe when it’s completely wrinkly and hollow feeling! The super tart pulp and fully edible seeds are a great topping for yogurt, flavor for ice cream, or smoothie ingredient!

Organic Centennial KumquatsThis is an heirloom variety of kumquat that is larger than the more common “Nagano” kumquat, and variegated (which here means “stripy). Kumquats are unique because it’s a citrus that you eat whole, peel, seeds and all. The sweetness comes from the peel and the inside is super tart.


Uglies potato chips – The company uses all the not so pretty potatoes that get rejected for sale in stores to make their potato chips. Less Food waste! Available in BBQ and Sea Salt.

Torres Patatas Fritas (Spanish potato chips). wipes – Unique flavors, amazingly light and crispy. Come see why these are already flying off our shelves! Flavors: Cured Cheese, Paprika, Iberico Ham, Mediterranean Herbs, and Sea Salt.

Noka organic smoothies and fruit puree pouches. – These are “packed” with plant protein and fiber, and are an easy on the go snack. Blueberry Beet, Mango Coconut, Sweet Potato, Banana Cocoa PB, Blackberry Vanilla, Cherry Acai, Strawberry PB, and Strawberry Pineapple.

Proud Source Water. – This Rocky Mountain water is sustainably sourced packaged in a strong reusable aluminum bottle. No plastic!


Remedy Organics Keto Drinks – 100% Plant based Keto beverages. 16g of plant based protein. Less than 1g of sugar. Prebiotics for digestive health. Flavors available: Chocolate, Vanilla and Cold Brew.

Sambazon Organic On The Go Acai Bowls Organic Fair Trade Acai puree. Organic, Vegan and Non-Gmo. High in Antioxidants. Flavors available: Amazon Superberry and Berry Bliss.

Stumptown Cold Brews with Oatly MilkA great collaboration between two well known companies to offer 3 plant based beverages. Flavors available: Original, Chocolate and Horchata.


Elmore Mountain TherapeuticsEMT’s all new luxurious body oils, face serum, and body scrub contain their uniquely wonderful full spectrum CBD, high quality all natural body care ingredients, and only natural fragrances from essential oils.  Perfect gift to share with your Valentine!

Pacha SoapNew bath bombs! Scents include Jasmine Gardenia, Pacha Mama, and Honey Almond. Also new are their functional herbal bath bombs as well: Sleepy and Uplifting.

RAD SoapNew Limited Reserve bar ‘Rosey’, just in time for Valentine’s day! The dreamy currant and rose scented bar is available only for a limited time.