New Products 3/29/2021



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Pixie Tangerines: Just like their name suggests, pixie tangerines are diminutive and super sweet! Grown in the Ojai Valley in California, this seedless seasonal favorite is available loose (South Burlington only) or in 1lb bags (South Burlington only). Incredibly sweet, juicy, and awesomely yummy!

Genuine Coconut Organic Coconut Chunks: Genuine organic coconut chunks are made from 100% all-natural coconut flesh packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Already a store favorite, this deliciously sweet and chewy snack is gluten-free and fiber rich. You can find Genuine Coconut Chunks in the berry section of the produce department.

Fresh Champagne Mangoes: With a name like this, it’s no surprise this deep golden yellow variety is so irresistible. Softer and sweeter than regular mangoes, Champagne Mangoes are velvety smooth with a thinner skin. Test for ripeness by pressing gently,;they are ready to eat when they give slightly to gentle pressure. In season now!


South Burlington and Williston Only

Jericho Settlers Farm Local Organic Salads: Local salad season is finally upon us! Based on over 200 acres, Jericho Settlers is a family farm that produces superb local and organic produce. Jericho Settlers Farm is known for its characteristically sweet and tender early-season salads, and we’re pleased to offer their fresh spinach, mesclun mix, and delicious spicy arugula for a hit of early Spring!



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Siete Gluten-Free Cookies: Siete has made its mission to produce heritage-inspired alternatives for gluten-free diets, made from simple natural ingredients. The latest Siete creation is Grain-free Mexican cookies, adapted from a family recipe and made from coconut and almond flour. Siete Mexican cookies are a nostalgic sweet treat. Three wonderful varieties: Mexican Chocolate, Mexican Wedding, and Mexican Shortbread!

O.W.L Energy Bar: A Vermont breakfast in a bar – O.W.L’s latest local recipe is the irresistible combination of Coffee, Cacao, and Coconut. Produced locally, O.W.L breakfast bars are handcrafted with energy-rich natural ingredients to fuel your busy morning.

Sigdal Bakeri Scandinavian Crispbreads: Try an authentic Norwegian snack, made using traditional recipes to create a crunchy and delicious crispbread. Build your own smorgasbord with Sigdal Herbs Sea Salt or Everything flavored crispbreads for a healthy and delicious Scandinavian-inspired snack. Made from wholegrain wheat and packed with seeds and corn kernel, Sigdal crispbreads are a more satisfying cracker alternative.

RISE Brewing Co. Oat Milk: Made using only four ingredients, RISE oat milk is gluten and dairy free, vegan – and so creamy it’ll be love at first taste. Since it’s shelf-stable, you can stock up on smooth dairy-free deliciousness anytime. Available in original, chocolate and vanilla oat milk varieties.


South Burlington and Williston Only

Local Sweet CBD Ginger Ale: Hand-crafted in Vermont, Local Sweet makes delicious artisan soda using Vermont-sourced sweeteners and fresh ingredients for a bubble bottle of refreshment. The latest recipe mixes spicy ginger with soothing CBD (25mg).

Shrubbly: Bubbly and unique, Shrubbly is a sugar-free prebiotic soda that packs a flavorsome punch, thanks to its main ingredient: a sweet-tart combination of fruit and apple cider vinegar mixer known as a “Shrub”. Each delicious drink is made with organic berries grown in Hinesburg, Vermont. Made in small-batches, Shrubbly is free from caffeine, sugar and all other nasties, making it a tasty and healthy soda alternative. New flavor alert: We now offer Shrubbly Lemon Ginger and Aronia Berry.



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Foodies Vegan Pumfu Sausage Crumbles: An innovative plant-based ground sausage option made from organic pumpkin seeds, Pumfu is packed with 11g of protein. Free from soy and gluten, it’s vegan and perfect for pizza, lasagna, and anywhere you want the deep flavor of sausage to come through. Traditional Sausage-Style Crumble and Chorizo varieties available in all stores.

Organic Valley Thick Cut Vegan Cheese Shreds: The vegan cheese shreds you know and love just got bigger! Plant-powered cheese alternative shreds in thick-cut form, fresh off the block. Available in all the favorite flavors: Mild Cheddar, Italian, Mozzarella, Mexican, and Sharp Cheddar. Even better, we’re offering 2 for $7 throughout April!


South Burlington and Williston Only

Ben & Jerry’s Change The Whirled Non-Dairy Dessert: Ben & Jerry’s has paired up with Colin Kaepernick to create a caramel non-dairy delight of fudge chips, graham cracker swirls & chocolate cookie swirls. This flavor honors Colin’s activism in pursuit of racial justice and a portion of the sale will go to Know Your Rights Camp. Available at Williston and South Burlington.



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Tart-Maple Smoothie: Our smoothies are simply divine! And now Tart-Maple: made from creamy banana, maple syrup, and fresh early-season rhubarb, the brand-new Tart-Maple Smoothie is the perfect balance of sweet and sharp that will have you hooked after just one sip. Visit any of our cafe locations today and try a totally new, unexpected, and tasty flavor combination. Trying new stuff is what it’s all about!

New Spring Salads: The seasons are changing and so is the HL Fresh menu! A rainbow of fresh spring salads has sprung up in all our Cafes. Using seasonally-inspired ingredients, our Cafe chefs have devised a Spring menu that we hope you’ll love. We do! We’re ready to quickly whip one up for you…Fresh, flavorful, inventive salads put together right in front of your eyes!



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Acure Beauty: Experience all-natural beauty that’s down to earth. Acure products are made from sustainable ingredients that are free from parabens, sulphates and paraffin to providing uplifting self care products you’ll love. We’re adding Ultra Hydrating Eye Cream and Geranium-scented Charcoal Deodorant to our range.


 Saratoga Only

Acure Beauty: Acure products are made from the cleanest of ingredients that are free from parabens, sulphates, and paraffin to providing effective self care products you’ll love. We’re adding Ultra Hydrating Eye Cream and Geranium-scented Charcoal Deodorant, and a selection of moisturizing Body Washes and energizing Body Scrubs to our range.

South Burlington & Williston Only

Nordic Naturals: Acure products are made from the cleanest of ingredients that are free from parabens, sulphates, and paraffin to providing effective self care products you’ll love. We’re adding Ultra Hydrating Eye Cream and Geranium-scented Charcoal Deodorant to our range.