New Products 4/22/2019 (New York)

Is decadently healthy an oxymoron? This week’s new products are so fabulous – and so good for you – you’ll want to experience each and every one. And you won’t even feel guilty, because they’re actually healthy! We’ve got crunchy, salty bacon chips – with no bacon! They’re such a tasty snack that even non-vegans crave them. How about munching a spicy squickle (what the heck is a squickle?) or sipping fiery cider? We even have a creamy whipped topping so pure you’ll want to bathe in it, or you can put it on strawberry shortcake… your choice! We offer skin care products that will breathe life into your winter skin. The list goes on. Experience, indulge, and enjoy!


Yola Whipped Topping – We all know that simpler ingredients are – simply better! What could be simpler than their delicious blend of yogurt, cream, skim milk, and just the right amount of sweetener? Free from all of the chemicals found in other whipped toppings.

Caulipower Tortillas – The ultimate better-for-you solution to quesadillas, burritos, tacos, wraps and more. Gluten-free, vegan, and full of taste. Flavors available: Original and Grain Free.

Just Cookie Dough – Craveable, sweet cookie dough that can be eaten raw, baked into cookies or blended into ice cream or milkshakes. Flavors available: Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake. Non-GMO, Free from dairy, eggs, artificial flavors and colors.

Legacy Juice Works Organic Tart Cherry Juice – Never heat pasteurized, never from concentrate, just tart cherry goodness and all its benefits! Eases digestion and supports immune system functionality.


Eden Organic Mochi –2 flavors: Sweet Brown Rice and Sprouted Brown Rice.

Earnest Eats Protein & Probiotic Oatmeal Cups – 2 flavors: Apple Crush and Mighty Maple.

EFFi Chickpea Granola – 3 flavors: Wholesome Raspberry Nut Cluster, Pecan Pumpkin Nut Cluster, and Sweet Heat Nut Cluster.

RXBar New Nut Butters –Previously only available in squeeze packs, now you can get 10 oz jars. Three flavors: Almond, Peanut Honey Cinnamon, and Almond Vanilla


Weathertop Farm Fiery Cider – Handmade, local, artisanal foods and natural wellness products. Certified organic and non-GMO.

  • Kate Miller’s Fiery Cider – has been used for generations to warm the body and fight the common cold. Brimming with amazing raw and natural ingredients. Use daily as a tonic, or add to Bloody Mary’s, salad dressing or marinade for a delicious zip.
  • Shrubs and switchels – are traditional fermented beverages made from organic fruit, sugar, vinegar, and herbs. Switchels also contain lots of spicy ginger. The sweet and tart flavor is astonishing! Drink on their own or add a splash to seltzer, wine, or your favorite cocktail. Shrub flavors: Blackberry Lavender and Strawberry Basil. Switchel flavors: Ginger Maple Hibiscus, Elderberry Ginger Honey, and Turmeric Ginger Honey.

Sunsoil (formerly Green Mountain CBD) – Full Spectrum Cinnamon CBD Oil from one of our favorite local CBD makers! 1200 MG 2 Fl oz. The cinnamon flavor is divine and the increased concentration of CBD to 1200 mg per 2 fluid ounces means more bang for your buck!