New Products 4/23/2018 (Vermont)

If you’re reading this you probably love trying new products just as much as we do. Variety is the spice of life, after all! We fully appreciate your love for the latest trends, flavors, and local favorites that are coming to our aisles. So for all you folks who like to be in the know, here’s a peek at our NEW PRODUCTS!


Organic Aloe Leaves- Back by popular demand! Fresh Aloe leaves are great for topical use for hydrating skin, easing sunburns and can be taken internally, as directed by your doctor.

Organic Rhubarb- A spring favorite, tart Rhubarb pairs beautifully with sweet strawberries, but it also has an excellent stand-alone flavor to feature in jams, pickles, and gorgeous tarts.

Organic Durondeau Pears- Who loves pears? We love pears! This unusual premium variety has a lovely sweet flavor and slightly grained texture, making it perfect for desserts.


Lundberg Organic Grain Bites- Think ancient grain puff. Crunchy and light… you’ll love every bite! We have five fabulous flavors: Smokey BBQ, Aged Parmesan, White Cheddar, Vanilla Chai, and Garlic Herb.

Vegan Rob’s Puffs- Because vegans need munch worthy snacks, too! Now in three new flavors: Moringa, Jackfruit, and Beet.

Simple Mills Soft Bake Cookies- You asked for them, we got them! By guest request we now have four flavors of these gluten-free cookies: Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Dark Chocolate.

Nature’s Path Organic Cereal- Tried, true, and tasty! Nature’s Path has two new varieties: Organic Purple Bam Cereal and Organic Golden Turmeric Cereal.

Green Valley Lychee Basil Seed Drink— With headquarters in Vermont, this company uses coconuts from one single source and never overstocks. This amounts to the freshest, quality coconut water you can get. Now in Lychee Basil Seed flavor!

Pingala Cafe Hickory Smoked Eggplant Bacon- Pingala Café’s legendary eggplant bacon is now available for purchase at Healthy Living! Crumble over salads, soups or pile high for a vegan BLT… delicious!


Elmhurst Nut Milks- Simply unique plant-based milks. Through a process of cold milling which requires no heat, they’re able to keep all the amazing nutrients available and still provide a creamy texture! No industrial stabilizers, carrageenan, locust bean or xanthan gums.
Try these flavors: Chocolate Peanut, Unsweetened Hazelnut, Oat, Walnut, and Cashew.

Kor Shots- Your daily hit of nutrition-packed refreshment. Cold-pressed in small artisanal batches. USDA certified organic; with the exception of the Black Magic. Choose from: Vitality Turmeric, Black Magic, Potent-C, and Green Up.

Monarch and the Milkweed CBD Confections- The Burlington Pastry shop has partnered with a local CBD purveyor to craft some pretty unique CBD truffles. Dosages range from 20 milligrams to 50 milligrams. Available in single truffle or a value pack of 3 truffles in these unique flavors: Andy’s Mints, Strawberry Blond, Penicillin, Sweetheart, Evergreen, and Hazel Bon Bon. These can be found in our dessert case at the juice bar.

La Pasta Seasonal Ravioli- It’s that time of year (sort of) for fresh spring flavors. We’ve just received a great selection of seasonal ravioli from La Pasta. Try these delicious flavors: Roasted Tomato Arugula, Burrata Lemon Zest, and Roasted Tomato Corn

Hope Hummus Buffalo Bleu Organic Hummus- For those that like to bring the heat, try the organic twist on this tangy American classic.


Neocell, Joint Bursts, Tropical Tang, 30 Soft Chews- NeoCell Joint Bursts combine Collagen Type 2, Turmeric, and Hyaluronic Acid in a soft chew that is bursting with juicy tropical fruit flavor for targeted joint support.

Badger SPF 35 Clear Zinc Sport Sunscreen- Badger’s SPF 35 Clear Zinc Sport Sunscreen starts out white but rubs in clear. It’s so easy to apply you’ve got to try it to believe it! This sport formula delivers moisturizing, broad-spectrum protection in a gentle, antioxidant-rich sunflower oil base. Active ingredient: 22.5% uncoated clear zinc oxide.

Uncoated “Clear” Zinc Oxide- Acts like a non-nano particle in that it stays on the surface of your skin. The small particles in this amazing product are porous like sea sponges, allowing them to appear clear on the skin, making them a safe, effective and aesthetically pleasing option. We use this zinc oxide in our new “clear” sunscreen creams.

Badger Organic & Fair Trade Aloe Vera Gel- 96% pure aloe juice. Cool, soothe and hydrate dry and sun-parched skin with certified organic and fair-trade aloe vera juice (and little else). It’s as close as you can get to breaking off a leaf of an aloe plant! Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial color or dyes, gluten and animal testing. Made in the USA, certified cruelty-free.

Earth’s Best Organic Electrolyte Solution- Help keep kids hydrated while replenishing zinc, fluids, and electrolytes. Perfect for rehydrating after physical activity or when your child is experiencing diarrhea or vomiting. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Suitable for children 2+. Certified USDA Organic. Available in Grape or Apple

Chasworth Farm Seedy Scrubber Bar Soap- A heavily textured, exfoliating “scrubby” soap! Loaded with seeds, finely crushed walnut shells, herbs, and more, to help wake up sluggish skin. Scented with invigorating lemongrass and rosemary essential oils.

Chasworth Farm Blood Orange Seasonal Bar Soap- A sweet and juicy blend of bergamot and orange to shower your day with sunshine! Limited availability.

Rosy Patchouli Hemp Hand Repair- Organic extra-virgin hemp seed oil is an anti-inflammatory oil rich in essential fatty acids. With patchouli essential oil and barrier-forming allantoin, this quickly absorbed, non-greasy cream helps repair cracked and chapped skin, and protect your hands from environmental damage.