Koch’s Farm Organic Bone-in Turkey Breast – $7.99/lb

$10.00 Deposit


Koch’s Farm has been raising organic turkeys in Pennsylvania for three generations. Organic, antibiotic-free and Certified Humane, their turkeys are fed vegetarian Non-GMO grainOrganic, juicy breasts, just the right size for a smaller Thanksgiving! 

Everyone’s looking for the “perfect” sized turkey, of course! We love making everyone happy and we do our very best to get you the size you’re after. While we do our best, weather, growing conditions and more sometimes make it tough for the farmer to guarantee sizing. Turkey pickup days are Tuesday 11/23 and Wednesday 11/24 during our regular store hours. Your $10 deposit reserves your turkey; the difference is due at pickup. 

We sell FRESH, uncooked turkeys that have been stored at 29 degrees. While the turkeys are not frozen, a thin frosty outer crust may be evident. This safeguard preserves freshness and will dissipate after about 24 hours in your refrigerator. If you’re concerned, pick up your turkey on Tuesday; that way it will spend an extra day in your fridge! 



We cannot guarantee sizes, but we always do our best!