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March 2017 – Introduction to Kemetic Yoga and Meditation with Kevin Tucker



Kemetic Yoga is a unique form of yoga originating from ancient Egypt. It is a slow, relaxed style of yoga with a huge emphasis on breath and body movement. You’ll learn a variety of meditation methods such as visualizations, breath work, energy work, mantras, and more. We will discuss the different methods and how they’re beneficial for body awareness, stress management and relaxation. During the class we’ll even try a little reiki, gentle drumming and use frankincense essential oil for deeper stress relief and clarity of mind. Come have a cultural experience in this meditative yoga workshop!

About Kevin: Kevin Tucker has a true passion for health and life-enhancing practices. Kevin’s childhood dream of helping others started him on a course of travelling the world, volunteering, and being of service. He believes that practices such as meditation, yoga, nutrition, and herbology can raise consciousness, and bring us back into harmony with nature and each other.

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