Prime Rib Roast – $14.99/lb



Grass fed, grain finished beef from Meyer Natural Angus Beef. Meyer’s premium USDA prime angus beef contains no artificial ingredients. Their cattle are raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics, on a vegetarian diet of grains and grasses. This level of care results in a product with exceptional flavor that will truly shine on your holiday table. Serving sizes:

For a generous serving of roast, figure about two people per rib. That means if you plan to serve:

six (6) people – three (3) rib roast
eight (8) people – four (4) rib roast
ten (10) people – five (5) rib roast
twelve (12) people – six (6) rib roast
fourteen (14) people – seven (7) rib roast

Sold in 2 and 3 rib quantities. If you’d like more, please select the correct quantity on your order and we’ll cut the roast to size. Pre-orders can be picked up at Guest Services during regular store hours between 12/21 and 12/24. Your $10 deposit holds your order, the difference will be due at pick up.

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