Partnering with small start-up farms, farmers, brands, and companies is at our core. We have supported local farmers, manufacturers, vendors, and distributors for almost 30 years. When we started, we would buy everything from 4 cucumbers from the farmer down the road to a basket of home-made muffins made in a customer’s kitchen. Our process and our standards have changed and evolved, but we are even more committed now to working with companies of all sizes to get their products on our shelves. These buying relationships are part of our core values and part of who we are as a company.


Before we put your products on our shelves, you have to be ready to go. Need some help? Great! We’d love to provide more specifics and guide you in your quest. One of our specialties is working with companies to get their product ready to go. Remember that for every new product we bring in, another product usually has to be eliminated. The Grocery world is a competitive industry.

Here are some questions you should be prepared to answer:

  • What is your product? What’s the story of your product? Why do you believe in it, and why did you create it?
  • Have you ever sold wholesale before?
  • If yes, did you sell to a retail location?
  • Does your product have a label?
  • Does your product have a bar code?
  • Does your product have an ingredients list?
  • Does your product have size on your label (fluid ounce, quart, pounds, etc).
  • Are you organically certified through NOFA NY/VT or another USDA Certifying Body?
  • Have you signed the NOFA NY INC farmer’s pledge?
  • Please share with us what is unique about your products. Are they GMO certified, made with organic ingredients, sourced through local producers or certified naturally grown?
  • Is your company a B-corp?
  • What makes your products a good fit in Healthy Living Market?
  • What products are you interested in wholesaling to HL?
  • Are you willing to live demo your product at our stores?
  • Has your label been approved by the Department of Agriculture to meet labeling standards?
  • Do you have insurance for your company?
  • What are their prices? Please bring price list(s).
  • What days are you able to deliver, or who is handling distribution?


Here are some criteria for selling to Healthy Living:

  • Please always bring two (2) copies of invoices, or packing slip for all deliveries. It must contain your company name, mailing address, list of products and amounts, prices, and a total. Each invoice should be dated, and have an invoice number. One copy will be signed by a Healthy Living Staffer and will be your copy for your records. You must keep this copy to ensure payment. The other copy will be for the buyer to submit for payment. It is against HL policy to accept any product with out an invoice, and we will not pay for product without proof of a signed copy.
  • Receiving Hours are from 6:00 am–2:00 pm, Monday–Friday and 6:00 am –10:00 am on Saturdays. Please always bring product to the receiving door and call customer service if you are running late.
  • Healthy Living asks that our farmer partners send lists of products via email with prices at least once a week/month so that we have current, accurate lists to plan our week’s purchases.
  • Healthy Living asks for a one week minimum notice on price changes.
  • Healthy Living asks that we have the right to deny on delivery, or ask for credit on products that we do not believe are up to HL standards. We are always willing to discuss terms with each vendor for credits.
  • Healthy Living does not make buyer contracts, nor can we guarantee the purchase and sales of any products. The customers ultimately decide what we have on our shelves.
  • Please familiarize yourself with industry standard case and pack sizes. For example, a case of kale is 24 bunches, cilantro, parsley, dill 30 bunches, etc. If you are unfamiliar with these standards, please reach out to farming networks and trade groups for assistance (ie: NOFA NY, VBGA, etc).
  • Please familiarize your self with market pricing. This can be done by visiting other grocery stores (as well as Healthy Living) to see where the market price is on products. This can also help with #7 above.
  • Please only deliver your products in clean containers that are in good shape (re-used organic wax boxes are fine; please only in the best shape possible). We do not accept boxes that are falling apart, dirty, or covered with labels from other vendors and farms. We also do not accept product in boxes that have carried hazardous materials. They will be turned away at the loading dock.
  • Please label all of your boxes clearly with the products you are delivering and your business name.
  • Final tip:  when you come to us, be ready.  We love to give chances, but not multiple chances. In the end, its up to the customer whether a new product is a success, or it fades away after a few months. When you’re ready to go to market, have every i dotted and every t crossed!

If you’re ready to take the first step, please contact Healthy Living at [email protected]