10 Hints for Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are here! Time to celebrate with family and friends and share in all the festivities. Good food and drink are a cornerstone of the holiday season and indulging in some of your favorite items is a must. But just because it’s a special time of the year, does not mean we need to throw all of our healthy eating habits out the window. Here are some simple tricks you can use to enjoy all the tasty treats the holidays have to offer while avoiding that gut wrenching guilt that accompanies overindulgence…



1.  Make sure to eat a balanced breakfast to avoid overeating later in the evening. Studies show that those who eat a balanced breakfast tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day when compared to those who skip breakfast.
2.  Try to avoid having too many liquid calories… stick to one serving of those high calorie beverages and opt for low calorie alternatives like fruit infused waters and seltzer.
3.  Survey all the offerings before filling your plate
4.  Choose foods that fill you up without packing on the calories like high fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods will also help to balance blood sugar levels, preventing spikes and falls, which lead to fatigue, mood swings, and overeating. (Want to learn more about balancing blood sugar? Come to the FREE store tour on Wednesday 12/10 at 5:00 PM)
5.  Use smaller plates, cups, and serving utensils
6.  Eat slowly and savor each bite
7.  Wait at least 20 minutes before going back for seconds… it takes our body this long to register that we are full!
8.  When it comes to dessert, cut the huge piece of pie in half, and split the cookie with your cousin.
9.  Always remember that leftovers are an option! Don’t feel as if you need to eat everything you love right then and there- you can always take home some of your favorites for later.
10.  Plan a fun family activity to get everyone moving – go for a walk or play some football

Try this yummy winter vegetable roast from the kitchens at Healthy Living.

Happy Holidays!