Reach Your Full Potential at Healthy Living

When you work for a family-owned company, you join a caring team that has your back. We pride ourselves on being a workplace that includes a deep commitment to each other. We want our staff to know how much we value and appreciate them!

Our amazing guest service is thanks to the human touch of our stellar staff, and the culture they’ve developed based on our mission and values. Our staff is what makes Healthy Living a special place where people can feel a sense of belonging, and where people want to come back again and again.

Investing in You

Healthy Living is an awesome place to work! Whether this is your first job, or a place you stay to build a career and grow with us for 10, 15, or 20+ years, we provide amazing opportunities. Growing and developing staff is something we believe in. We’re looking for engaged staff who take ownership of their work and want to contribute to our overall mission: to fuel a passion for great food, health, and well-being and be the place where people gather to shop, eat, and work.†

Our 8 Essential Behaviors

We define our work culture by these qualities—and we hire, train, and hold our team members accountable to them. Ask yourself, “Is this me?”

  1. Make Someone’s Day

    You get that warm, fuzzy, tingly-from-head-to-toe feeling when helping others—staff and guests! You readily and freely interact with every guest. There’s nothing you like more than seeing guests leave happier than when they arrived. When your teammates are having a tough day, you use positive energy to bring them up. When you smile, everyone smiles.

  2. Move Fast and Be Thorough

    You work with a purposeful sense of urgency. You will be trained to achieve excellence in your job by connecting with guests and completing tasks quickly, efficiently, and with great skill. You LOVE getting the job done—and doing it well.

  3. Create a Team People Want to Be Apart Of

    Your genuine, positive energy contributes to an upbeat, effective team where you and your co-workers thrive and express a desire to stay and grow together. You treat your teammates with respect and kindness every single day. You offer empathy and an open ear. You bring special skills to the team that are respected by your teammates and in turn you see the value in others’ skills and talents.

  4. Be Present

    You are reliable, invested, and fully present for your teammates, our guests, and our trade partners. You bring authentic, positive energy to work every day. Deep down you really care.

  5. “How Can I Help?”

    You recognize that the collective goal of the team and the store is bigger than the task at hand. You anticipate the needs of your coworkers and the guests, and you’re proactive in helping others.

  6. Come With a Solution

    You have a keen eye for identifying pain points in our systems, but you always come to the table with a solution to offer. You think outside the box, you’re creative in solving problems, and you adapt to change with grace. You always speak up and let us know what you need!

  7. Own It

    You hold yourself accountable, and you’re accountable to your teammates. When there is an issue, ask yourself, “What can I do to help fix it?” When there is success, you and your team celebrate! The details matter, and you are attentive to all of them.

  8. Always Learning

    At Healthy Living, we love learning! We also love feedback. We see it is an opportunity to improve ourselves. You reflect deeply on feedback by frequently looking inward and evaluating your own performance. You are personally fulfilled by helping others grow and enjoy taking on new challenges and new opportunities to learn.

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If you have questions about the application process or a position, reach out to our awesome People & Experience team today!


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*We review all applications and contact individuals whose skills, qualifications, and scheduling availability best meet the needs of our store. All resumes and applications are kept on file for 3 months.

†We conduct business following the equal opportunity laws, and we strive towards maintaining a diverse community. We encourage excellence at all levels in our organization. Healthy Living is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.