The Heart of Healthy Living

“We are rooting for people, for communities, because we know that the good work we do, and the way we treat each other, makes all the difference.” —Katy Lesser, Founder & Owner

We’re all about helping our community’s local non-profits! Over the years, we’re proud to have donated to hundreds of these non-profits. We love to work with motivated, innovative groups with similar values to our own, who strive to make the world a better place.

We’re especially interested in:

  • Environmental Progress and Preservation
  • Building a Strong Community
  • Making Health a Priority
  • Supporting Organic Farming
  • Educating Adults and Kids on All of the Above

Round Up to Raise Up

Driving the Difference

From food, diaper, and winter clothing drives—we want to help by making a meaningful impact.

Give What You Can

We are deeply committed to fighting food insecurity in our communities. We have a year-round donation bin located at our exit in each store to collect donations for our local food shelves!

We also offer multiple benefits to our staff that encourage them to get involved in supporting community giving. We match our staff’s charitable contributions to 501c3 organizations, and we compensate them for volunteer hours given to charities of their choice.

Learn more about upcoming events we’re donating to and the amazing organizations that put them together. And please keep in mind that we do require requests to come in at least 30 days prior to an event. Thanks for thinking of us!

For inquiries about Community Outreach, please contact us.

The Place to Be

Healthy Living is about being part of something bigger and more personal than just a place you buy groceries. From our humble beginnings as a tiny, single store, our Founder Katy noticed how guests weren’t just there to shop, but also to spend time with each other. Finding a gathering place where you feel comfortable is so important. Seeing you connect in our stores, with our shared love of food of the highest quality, is everything to us. We’re so happy and extremely grateful that you’re part of our community!

Be the Core of Our Community

Our guests are at the core of everything we do. Without your loyalty, we wouldn’t exist. You trust us to deliver the very best for your families, and we’re proud to reward you for your trust with superior products and great deals. For an even better, new, and exciting way to reward you, we started our Core Shopper program. 

Becoming a Core Shopper gives you exclusive access to extra rewards when you shop with us. Guaranteed to surprise and delight, these rewards include special promotions, deals, free products, coupons, and a lot of just plain awesomeness. When you’re a Core Shopper, you gain immediate access to all kinds of amazing benefits