3 Amazing Citrus Fruits of the Season

Anyone need a little extra vitamin-C boost this time of year? You’re in luck because citrus season has begun. While we give thanks for the harvest and bid farewell to the fruits of seasons past, we welcome the exciting varieties of winter citrus that are in store. From super sweet Satsuma mandarins, to tart grapefruits and fragrant yuzu, citrus fruits brighten up our shorter days and longer nights.

Give these three a squeeze:

Kumquats — Tangy, sweet and oh-so cute, kumquats are a favorite this time of year. These olive-sized gems are unlike other citrus since you can eat the entire fruit whole. Just pop it in your mouth and chew right through the pleasantly bitter, fragrant peel into the juicy center. Kumquats are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, have good levels of B-complex vitamins, with a peel rich in essential oils and fiber — that’s some good health benefits, right there. You can find an organic variegated centennial variety by Deer Creek Heights Ranch on our shelves right now!

Clementines — Sorry, bananas. Clementines might just be the best kid snack ever. The perfect fruit for little hands, clementines are easy to peel, typically seedless and deliciously sweet. This hybrid between a mandarin and sweet orange is smaller than an orange and is rich with vitamin C. Makes a great grab-and-go snack for all ages. Good things do come in small packages.

Meyer Lemons — And for those with a slightly more sophisticated palate or a sense of culinary adventure, we bring you the Meyer lemon. It’s like a lemon but with thinner skin and sweeter, more floral notes. A favorite among foodies and mixologists, the vitamin C rich citrus makes an exciting alternative to lemon juice in salad dressings, desserts, lemonade or cocktails. Shake things up with a Meyer!