Kids in the Kitchen: Summer Series Class— Kitchen Basics
Monday, 6/20 – Friday, 6/24
Qty: 9
This week-long camp offers adventures and memories in the kitchen that will last your happy camper a lifetime! Campers will start their day embarking on a variety of culinary pursuits in the Healthy Living Learning Center with Kiya, where they’ll chop, stir, sauté, boil, mix, and bake their way through several recipes each day.
This week, kids will focus on the fundementals of cooking such as honing their knife skills, learning to sauté, steaming, poaching and boiling to perfection.
NOTE: There may be traces of nuts, gluten and other food allergens in the Healthy Living Learning Center. Recipes will include gluten, nuts, soy and dairy. If you have severe food allergies please take this into consideration. Please contact Kiya McIntyre at Healthy Living for any questions or clarification regarding food allergies and cooking activities.