A Peak Into Douglas Sweets

We’d like to take a moment to share our love for one of our local bakeries, and Douglas Sweets out of Bolton Valley, VT, is one of our favorites.  Deborah Townsend- whom we love just as much as her delicious products- has taken a traditional family recipe for Scottish-style shortbread and turned it into an eye-popping and mouth-watering array of shortbread delights.  If you haven’t yet tasted the incredible goodies that come from Douglas Sweets, you’re going to have to trust us when we say that they’re practically perfect!  Each bite is truly an ideal shortbread experience: sturdy but delicate, buttery but balanced, filling but addictive.

debra at douglas sweets

Deborah and her staff hand-craft an impressive array of cookies that come in a variety of sizes, all based on the rich, buttery, crumbly, and super-satisfying original recipe. What makes them even better is that Douglas Sweets uses local ingredients when possible, creating a beautiful blend of Old World tradition and New World flavors.

Come on by and treat yourself.

resized doug sweets dark choc cookie
Dark Chocolate
re sized doug sweets rasp cookie
Raspberry White Chocolate


Hot Chili Pepper Dark Chocolate
Hot Chili Pepper Dark Chocolate


If it isn’t clear already, we really love these sweets, and we love getting to share our enthusiasm for them with you!  If you want to learn more about the company and their delectable treats, check out their website: www.douglassweets.com  (Be sure to check out their wine & cheese pairings as well!  The staff has done a brilliant job of matching up each of their delightful shortbread flavors with equally-appealing cheeses and wines, and though we’re jealous that we couldn’t get in on the taste-tasting, we’re happy they did it!)