A Tribute to Eric Rozendaal from Owner Katy Lesser

When Eric Rozendaal arrived at HL to deliver, it meant several things. First off, we’d receive product of an impeccable nature. Gorgeous eggs, clean and fresh, packaged beautifully. Butternut squash, ready for a multitude of recipes, peeled and cut, setting the bar high for value-added products. But more wonderful than those products that Eric researched, designed, nurtured, and brought to market, was Eric himself. He’d arrive and spend an hour or more, wandering around the store, simply spreading good cheer. Eric made sure to find me, talk, share news, ponder the ups and downs of sales, discuss ideas, ask for feedback…..whatever it was, I always felt that Eric was truly interested in and devoted to making my business and the Vermont farming community successful. He cared….truly and generously.

Eric was a farming innovator. His meticulous farm was a tribute to how he thought about farming. When Eric had an inspiration, before he activated his idea he studied, researched, even traveled abroad to see his ideas in action. He ran his farm like a business! He inspired the local farming community to farm in new, diverse ways and think of their farms, too, like smart, inventive businesses.