Add Some Fun to Your Cart with New Finds from HL!

Say hello to easy snacks, delicious drinks, and colorful soaps.

Fun. Fresh. Family-approved. Celebrate the season of brighter skies with these cheerful new products! From kid (and adult) approved snacks to delicious, fruit-filled drinks, there’s something delicious for everyone.

HL Fresh Lucky Green Smoothie: In-Store Only

Sip on some festive flavor with our Lucky Green Smoothie! Enjoy a smooth blend of oat milk, vanilla syrup, peppermint syrup, banana and spinach. Available now and all March long in our HL Café—stop in for a refreshing treat.

AKUA BBQ and Original SpongeBob Kelp Sliders

AKUA’s latest collaboration with SpongeBob SquarePants is a delicious, kelp-based mini-burger for kids—of all ages! Packed with protein and umami flavor, these Kelp Burger Sliders come in Original and BBQ flavors for a convenient and healthy snack. Ready in minutes on the stovetop or airfryer!

Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches

Bring some extra fun to your freezer with these handcrafted, premium ice cream sandwiches from Nightingale. Made with real ingredients like 14% butterfat ice cream, fresh-baked cookies, and homemade add-ons, they just might become your new favorite treat.

Dr. Squatch Deodorant and Bar Soap

Dr. Squatch is raising the bar for natural personal care products. Created by their founder Jack in his garage, their deodorants and bar soaps are free from harmful ingredients. Try their classic scents like Pine Tar, Fresh Falls, Birchwood Breeze, and Wood Barrel Basin.

Pacha Soap: New Easter Products

The perfect addition to any basket! Pick up these new bunny, carrot, and egg-carton froth bombs from Pacha. They’re crafted with mood-boosting essential oils and soothing salts for a fun and relaxing Easter treat.

Holy Perogy Perogies

The ideal comfort food! Holy Perogy’s European-inspired dumplings are packed with deliciousness and easy to prep by boiling or pan-frying. Try their classic Cheese, Loaded Potato, or Sizzlin’ Fried Onion for a burst of savory flavor.

Verb Energy Bars

Looking for that morning boost, without the jittery feeling and sugar crash? Try these Energy Bars from Verb! Made with Organic Green Tea, each bar contains as much caffeine as an espresso in a delicious, pocket-sized snack.

Art of Tea Organic Teas

Sip on these hand-blended, organic blends from Art of Tea. Each tea is crafted with carefully-selected botanicals from Asia, India, Africa, and the Middle East for the highest quality and taste. From classics like Earl Grey Creme to their unique Pacific Coast Mint, try their full array of flavors.

Aura Bora Sparkling Water: Lavender Cucumber, Strawberry Basil, and Ginger Meyer Lemon 6 pks. 

Delicious, flavorful, and free from citric acid! Aura Bora’s Sparkling Waters are made with real herbal extracts and reverse osmosis filtered water for a refreshing drink you can feel good about. Stock up on their soothing Lavender Cucumber and delicious Basil Berry flavors.

Goodpop Sparkling Water: Lemon Lime, Orange, and Fruit Punch 6 pks. 

The fizzy texture and refreshing juice box you love—without the sugar. Goodpop’s Mini Cans are full of fresh, real fruit juice and sparkling water for a fun and healthy twist. Grab their refreshing Lemon Lime, sunny Orange, and Fruit Punch six-packs!

The Good Crisp Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and BBQ Wavy Chips

The classic snacks you crave, made without top allergens! The Good Crisp’s chips are crafted with clean and simple ingredients and packed with delicious flavor for a salty snack you can feel good about. Stock up on their wavy Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Outback BBQ varieties!