Ajiri Tea is much more than a tea company!

Ajiri Tea

With it’s distinct fresh – bold flavor, coppery appearance, high antioxidant level and full body, Ajiri Tea does more than please your pallet. Each tender leaf is picked by hand in the beautiful Kisii Highlands of Kenya and the entire cultivation, production and distribution process is a total community endeavor. From the local farmers who tend to their small parcels of land, to the women who handcraft each box, Ajiri Tea provides them with an amazing opportunity to take ownership in building a sustainable community.

Ajiri actually means “to employ” in Swahili and the profits from sales of Ajiri Tea are used to pay school fees for orphans. The students are selected by the manager of the tea factory, the women who make the teabox labels, and the principals of the local schools. This year, the Ajiri Foundation is sponsoring 26 students in school.

For more information please check out their website. www.ajiritea.com