All Local, All New!

New products from local producers are popping up all the time at Healthy Living, and new friends and old pals of the Dairy Department are making some delicious things!

Kimball Brook Farm: Maple Milk

   Yes, this is what it sounds like – get excited.  They’ve taken maple syrup (VT’s all time favorite food) and blended it with organic 1% milk straight from the farm.  Old family recipe, new family favorite.

In the perfect on-the-go pint size.

‘Nuff said.


Luiza’s Homemade With Love: Pierogi

Based in Shelburne, VT, Luiza makes pierogi that are authentic and light.  To quote the Seven Days, “Bloomberg’s most popular pierogi, the potato and cheese, is fluffy inside, almost like a soufflé.”

If you are a fan of pierogi, even if you have a Polish granny, there is no way you could be disappointed.

photo credit: Luiza Bloomberg
photo credit: Luiza Bloomberg

To see the full article about Luiza and her creations, click here.

Mama Hoo-rah: Saucy Spreadable Dip

Susanna’s Catering out of Morrisville is making a product that is both delicious and hard to categorize…it’s that versatile.  Mama Hoo-rah is a  saucy, spreadable dip made of mostly roasted red peppers, so it’s healthy and yummy.


– a sauce for grilling, pasta, or pizza

– a dip for veggies, chips, or crackers

– a spread for sandwiches

Find it with our pesto and pasta, use it wherever you can!



Mountain Home Farm: 100% Grass-fed Ricotta

1901409_600587780020689_369971421_nThe Tunbridge,Vermont artisan farm has come out with amazing 100% grass-fed dairy products this year.   We started out selling their single source cultured butter and “true buttermilk, and now that they have started producing ricotta, we obviously couldn’t resist.  If you want to become instantly famished, just look up “ways to cook with ricotta,” like I just did.  Whoops.



Stay tuned for more ways to shop local, and we’ll keep looking for Vermont businesses to support!