Angel Foodie: Zero Waste That Benefits Healthy Living Employees

I’ve always loved to cook but I am far from a natural. My sisters would be happy to tell you about the year of a full pound of butter in our Thanksgiving mashed potatoes or the time I almost choked my uncle to death after one bite of garlic bread. Garlic salt is the same thing as garlic powder, right? Oops. After going vegetarian several years ago I slowly began to realize that I had two choices; 1) live off of macaroni and cheese for the rest of my life or 2) learn how to cook. After more than a few failed experiments and fire alarms set off I’m proud to say that though I’m nowhere near gourmet chef status, I’m at least capable of preparing a handful of tasty dishes and I’m working on becoming a better, healthier cook every single day.

I joined the Healthy Living team this past November and was delighted to learn that one of our benefits is a program called Angel Food. We are lucky enough to take home any items that can’t be sold to our guests for one reason or another. On any given day the Angel Food shelves can hold everything from eggs, milk and unique dairy products to meats, veggies, fruits, bread and even some dry goods like pasta and rice.

My cooking style is to keep things very simple by utilizing fresh ingredients that speak for themselves. My significant other is 100% carnivore so I also have to get creative with creating dishes that will please both a veggie lover and a self proclaimed “meat-itarian.” I’m navigating my way through the beginning phases of not just learning how to cook, but learning how to prepare foods I’ve never even tasted. First I check the Angel shelves to spark some inspiration and see what items are available then I browse the grocery store and purchase a few things to complete a great meal.

Whole Grain Naan Flatbread Pizza: 

Angel broccoli, spinach, garlic, cherry tomatoes and a perfectly timed sale on whole grain naan inspired these homemade mini pizzas. A quick visit to the olive bar for fresh artichoke hearts and our cheese department for fresh parmesan & mozzarella and my dinner was complete. I won’t lie…I ate BOTH of these.










I have found the perfect recipe for the lightest, fluffiest frittata so I can hardly contain my excitement when the Angel shelf has eggs! Who doesn’t love a recipe where you literally just mix everything together and pop it in the oven? 10 eggs + 2/3 cup milk + 2 cups cheese (cheddar is my favorite for this recipe) + ½ tsp. salt + ½ tsp. pepper + 2 or more cups of your choice of cooked veggies (lighter, fluffier veggies without a ton of liquid work best). Bake in a greased dish at 350 degrees for at least an hour or until the center is completely firm.  It’s also the perfect amount for splitting into a muffin pan for single serving mini frittatas.




Cheers to great food and working for great people!
-Kelsey, Divine Wines

Post by Kelsey Whalen, Wine and Beer Associate at Divine Wines at our Saratoga store. Both Healthy Living and Cafe locations participate in the Angel Food program, a major benefit to all of our employees.