Aqua Vitea Probiotic Elixers

Healthy Living is proud to have teamed up with local kombucha micro-brewers Aqua Vitea to produce some fantastically delicious concoctions! We’re calling ’em Probiotic Elixers, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy drinking them as much as you’ll enjoy the health benefits of kombucha. Our Tropical Probiotical smoothie is a tangy twist on one of our already-popular smoothies,  while the “new classic” Autumn Revival features our amazing house-mulled, local cider and ginger juice. Our +5 Health juice combines the benefits of fresh juice and kombucha to give your immune system a boost, and the Ocean Potion smoothie packs a potent 1-2 punch of kombucha and spirulina that will bring you closer to invincibility than you’ve ever been!

Next time you’re in South Burlington, drop by and see one of our talented Baristas for a completely unique pick-me-up. Aqua Vitea Probiotic Elixers are available exclusively at Healthy Living!