Are You Into Uinta?

Uinta Wyld CanThe grand opening of the race track is right around the corner, Saratoga! And you know what that means…can-season is among us! Can’t bring glass to your favorite event this summer? Don’t worry! Healthy Living has got you covered! We have a huge array of canned beverages available for all your thirst-inducing summer events you have in store. New to the mix this week is Uinta (pronounced: ‘you-in-tah’) Brewing Co, straight out of Salt Lake City, Utah! We love Uinta not only because their beer is tasty, but because they have excellent business practices! Uinta Brewing Co is 85% wind powered and 15% solar powered, making them an excellent renewable-energy company. In addition to their green power initiatives, they have created a brown bottle recycling center, purchase recycled paper whenever possible, donate spent grains to local farms and use natural lighting for the majority of the day-to-day business interactions.

Looking for a new favorite beer that’s canned and organic? Uinta Wyld Extra Pale Ale has been brewed with organic barley malt for a beer that’s both good for the earth and for you! Pouring light amber orange, with a small milk-white head, Wyld is a lighter bodied pale ale that’s been aggressively dry hopped to show off bright hop flavor and aroma with a hint of sweetness, to round it off. Uinta Hop Notch Can

Not a fan of Extra Pale Ale? Need a little more bite to your beer? Pouring a light caramel, toffee color, with a khaki-cream head, Hop Notch IPA is much more full bodied than your traditional single IPA. The abundance of hops give it a piney refreshing taste while the malt profile provides a clean finish. Both Wyld and Hop Notch can travel with you to all of your favorite events this summer and keep you refreshed and thirst-free! These stylish cans are available in 6-packs at Healthy Living Saratoga. Grab a pack on your way to the track this weekend…and happy betting!