Late Fall is a busy time. The holidays are quickly approaching and we enjoy the nostalgic smells of crisp leaves, fir trees, pumpkin pie, and the soothing scent of hot soups and tea. These smells not only evoke nostalgia; they’re also powerful aromatherapy agents. Aromatherapy can be used as a tool to lift mood, relieve anxiety, and help heal the mind, body, and soul.

What exactly are essential oils and aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a term that describes the use of essential oils from plants for healing.This liquid, typically obtained by distillation, comes from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots of a plant, . An essential oil embodies the essence of the plant it is derived from and is usually either absorbed through the skin or inhaled. Aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, headaches, general body aches, circulation issues, and much more.

Essential oils are used in a variety of ways: they may be diffused, sprayed as a mist on the body and room, applied topically as massage oil, lotion, or perfume. These powerful oils can even be used in household cleaning solutions. Diffusers (made by Aura Cacia) are a great way to get the benefits of aromatherapy. Aura Cacia makes diffusers for rooms and for cars.

Some of my favorite essential oils and their benefits are:


Aura Cacia Lavender, $12.29/.5 fl oz – Lavender is my go-to for relaxation after or during a long day. Lavender relaxes the mind while easing tension and frustration. It is said to relieve headache and migraine symptoms as well as symptoms of insomnia. I enjoy putting a few drops on my wrists or pillow as I’m falling asleep.

Aura Cacia Balsam Fir Needle, $12.29/.5 fl oz – Balsam Fir Needle essential oil not only evokes images of holiday festivities, but it opens breathing passages and lifts the spirit. I choose to use Balsam Fir Needle oil in my room or car diffuser.

Aura Cacia Rose Absolute, $13.58/.5 fl oz – Emotionally, Rose Oil is helpful during times of stress. It is considered the choice oil for use during times of grief. Rose is known to help with symptoms of depression, eczema, frigidity, mature skin, menopause, and stress. Rose is divine when combined with the calming scent of sandalwood.

Aura Cacia Chill Pill, $12.99/.5 fl oz – This blend of Sweet Orange, Lavender, Patchouli, Peppermint, Sweet Basil, and Roman Chamomile oil. Orange, peppermint and basil can help calm the mind and reduce worry, while lavender, patchouli and chamomile cool heated or stressed emotions.

Vitality Works Peppermint, $8.99/1 fl oz – Peppermint can improve focus and mental sharpness Peppermint may help taste and smell when inhaled. Peppermint is a soothing after-Thanksgiving-dinner-scent.

Flourish Lemongrass Body Mist, $12.99/.25 fl oz – This refreshing spray is wonderful after a yoga class or a run. It purifies and focuses the mind as well as increases circulation. This refreshing scent is also wonderful to spray on towels or linens.