Banana Pricing Update

So, our price on bananas changed… but why?

Little do people know, the banana industry is one of the most corrupt, crazy, violent industry in the food world. There will be a movie coming out soon called “Banana Land: Blood, Bullets & Poison” that talks all about it.

The texture of ripe yellow bananas closeup

Here are the words of Mr. Benoit (Lead Buyer/Mentor):

“We made a choice to sell Certified Fair Trade and Organic bananas for the great work the organizations do that support the farmers and their families. The price is $.10 higher than our competitor across the driveway for their non-fair trade organic bananas. It is in fact lower than the per pound price we have charged for at least the last 6+ years. The bananas cost Healthy Living $.27 each, which means we are only making $.12 per banana.

There are organizations that these farmers have created often referred to as “CO-OPs”. They have organized in hopes to help bring a sustainable price for bananas so the farmers and their families can live a sustainable life. I have included the links below so you can read up on the amazing things these folks do.

While we were not able to have a lower everyday price for these bananas, it’s our belief it’s for good reason. I am absolutely sure we are  competitive with the market price on organic bananas, and we pride ourselves on our choice to use Fair Trade products whenever we can.”