Body Care Basics: Springtime Skin!

Here at Healthy Living, we know it’s important to have body care that’s as consciously crafted as food. It’s why we always stock a wide array of fantastically scented and beautifully made products that are sure to put some pep in your step. Now that we’re shedding our sweaters and showing our skin to the sun, it’s time to get serious and make ourselves even more gorgeous than we already were. Spring cleaning’s not just for your home…it’s for your body, too!


Wellness, Jen, Honey Girl, HABA, body care
Our fabulous Wellness Manager, Jen Winter, stocking sample bags

Let’s start with Olive Naturally; it’s an absolutely amazing, close-to-home product line that delivers a  range of products without ANY of the yucky stuff. You can feel confident that your family is being pampered without parabens and sudsed without SLS. What they DO use is naturally derived, often organic, and superlatively sourced…which means you’re left with a line of body care that works as well as it smells! Take, for example, their Body Butter. It’s available in seven signature scents (and unscented, of course, for the sensitive-skinned among us). Courtney, our body care buyer, says it’s best described as “cake frosting for your body,” which can’t be beat for a luxurious lotion experience. And Lyndsay, our General Manager, can’t say enough good things about the lip balm; after using it once, her other balms were banished to the bottom of her bag. Check out more about Olive Naturally here and see what other fabulous products they have in store for you at Healthy Living!


Another local legend we’ve brought to the table is RAD Soap Co. Like Olive Naturally, the products are hand-made in the US (with lots of love, of course). RAD brings to you a naturally-scented, carefully created line of monstrously huge bar soaps, luscious lotions, and even foot cream for the stinky-soled. RAD sets itself apart from the crowd by using the freshest ingredients available, pharmaceutical-grade essential and fragrance oils, and hand-extracted botanicals, herbs, and even mushrooms (these fun fungi offer unbelievable results). And the fun continues in the packaging, meant to stir up childhood memories and call to mind the American pop culture we all know and love. RAD soap is the definition of cool- it’s like washing your body with James Dean! RAD Soap Co. has an awesome website that does a better job than I of explaining its mission and fabulous products; check them out here and see their whole product line.


There are, of course, products from outside New York as well that can deliver big benefits. Dr. Hauschka is an internationally known and respected brand with a huge cult following on both sides of the pond. Why, you ask? Well, because EVERYTHING they make is carefully handcrafted by Germany’s most expert cosmetic manufacturers. Many of Dr. Hauschka’s essential and botanical oils are made from plants extracted by hand and grown biodynamically in company-owned gardens. The internationally-sourced products are done so with care; from Africa to Afghanistan, Hauschka’s organizes cooperatives and projects designed to eliminate dependence on large conglomerates and illegal drug money (in Afghanistan, roses are grown instead of opium and the program employs around 200 farmers). But the results are most important, and BOY does Dr. Hauschka’s do the job! Their unique, homeopathic take on skincare may seem a little odd at first, but once you start using these amazing products you’ll find it hard to stop. From day creams designed to provide light, airy moisture, cosmetics that work with your skin (instead of against it), and body care that provides an invigorating glow. Come in and test one of the products- we’re sure you’ll be hooked from the get-go. Top tip: Dr. Hauschka face care (creams, not cosmetics) are ON SALE all April for a whopping 20% off. These sales are few and far between so snag some stuff with super savings!


Dr. Hauschka, face care, cream, toner, oil, Germany, high quality, natural
Three of our favorite Hauschka products, on sale all April!

These are just a few of the products we have in store; join us and see what we have that you need. Our Wellness staff is well-prepared to answer all your questions and we can put testers together of pretty much anything; we’re here to help and get you the products that work for your skin. Body care is holistic at Healthy Living!