Bourbon Barrel Foods decorate Healthy Living’s shelves

Have you seen this month’s issue of Food and Wine Magazine?  If so, did you read about Bourbon Barrel Foods on page 76 and wonder, “Hmm, I wonder where I could purchase these products?”  Look no further than Healthy Living!

Bourbon Barrel Foods, based in Louisville, Kentucky, uses the same techniques to make bourbon to create sauces such as Worcestershire and soy sauce.  By adhering to a simple philosophy of “slow, small, simple”, their products reflect the heritage of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country.

Healthy Living carries both their sauces and seasonings.  Sauces include microbrewed soy sauce, bourbon barrel aged worcestershire sauce and Kentuckyaki (their spin on teriyaki), and seasonings include a variety of peppers, salts and paprikas.

If you’re looking for dish inspirations for this weekend’s Labor Day celebrations, click here for some recipes that include their products.