Brew Kits!

Do you love craft-brewed beer?

Have you ever wanted to sit back with some friends and bask in the glow of  personal achievement and absolute glory  that comes when you’re enjoying a beer  YOU brewed?

Do you fear the monetary and spacial commitment that accompanies a standard 5-gallon homebrew setup?

If you or somebody you love (or are otherwise obligated to give a gift to) experiences these rhetorical conundrums, fear not!  We’re here to help!  Allow me to introduce the Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit.  This little guy comes with all the gear and ingredients you’ll need to brew 1 gallon of homemade beer.  And not just one kind of beer either; we are currently featuring 3 selections from the BBS’s fantastic array of recipes.

Contained in one small box you’ll find a 1 gallon glass fermenting jug, a 3-piece chambered airlock, screw-top stopper, a laboratory thermometer, 4 feet of clear plastic tubing, tube clamp, a racking cane and the malted barley and hops you need to create your very own tasty adult beverage.  Neat idea, huh?

Normally, home-brewers (like myself) brew 5 gallons of beer at a time which is great because that’s a lot of beer!  Not so great because when you combine the cost of the equipment and storage space needed to keep your gear and your brew, it can be a pretty serious commitment.

Enter the Brooklyn Brew Shop Brew Kit.  As their name suggests, these folks are from King’s County, New York where space is limited and kitchens especially are teeny tiny, so they decided to keep it small and create a kit perfect for space -savvy brewers.  You utilize the same simple techniques you would to brew a larger batch of beer (they say “if you can make oatmeal, you can brew beer.”  It’s almost that simple) but because your batch is diminutive you save on space and cash.  Me likey.

As someone who just has to try before I buy, I had them send me one.  Stay tuned for part two of my brew kit extravaganza in which I chronicle the brew process (complete with pictures!).

If you just can’t wait for another post, stop by.  We love answering questions and currently have kits for Everyday IPA, Chocolate Maple Porter and Bourbon Dubbel. Yum.

And remember, you can’t buy what you can brew.