Brighten Up Winter with Something New!

Juicy citrus, tasty snacks, and more.

Whether it’s trying a twist on your favorite fruit, adding a surprise to school lunchboxes, or snacking on new flavors—add something fresh to January with these latest finds. 

Lesser Evil Popcorn and Space Balls

Your afternoon snack just got more delicious with Lesser Evil. Pick up their Homer’s Blend Popcorn made with dairy-free parmesan and organic garlic powder. Or, crunch on their Pizza Planet Space Balls—an explosion of saucy tomato and melty, dairy-free cheese crafted into air-puffed perfection. Yes, please!

Joolies Dates

Pick up the Fresh Joolies Dates you know and love, and try their new chocolate-covered Jooliettes! Pit-free, flavorful, and great for baking or snacking, these just might become your new favorite treat. 

Chelsea Approved Gluten Free Mixes

Delicious baked goods that meet your dietary preferences! Chelsea Approved mixes are gluten-free, vegan, and super convenient. Just add oil, water, and vanilla, and enjoy rich chocolate brownies or sweet, soft sugar cookies.

Field Day Pretzels

A favorite for all ages! Bite into these creamy and crunchy stuffed pretzel bites that are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Plus, they’re packed in convenient resealable bags that make storage a breeze.

Truvani Protein Powders, Only Bars, and Supplements

Stay healthy and fueled all winter with these wellness essentials from Truvani! Stock up on their NEW selections of protein powders, supplements, and “Only Bars”, made *only* from ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen.

Brio Coffeeworks Half-Caff Coffee Blend – VT Only

Fans asked for it, and Brio Coffeeworks listened. This new half-caff blend is a 50/50 mix of their popular Guatemala La Voz and Decaf Guatemala varietes. Expect lots of sweetness with a rich body, nutty character, and sweet citric acidity. And with half the caffeine, you can drink twice as much!

Sumo Mandarins

When this unique mandarin hybrid first came to the US, it took citrus experts more than 10 years to perfect Sumo Mandarins before they came to stores. Now, it’s ready for you to enjoy all of its sweet, seedless, easy-to-peel goodness. Yum!

Organic Cara Cara Navel Oranges

Have you tried a Cara Cara Navel Orange? With pink flesh that resembles a grapefruit and a sweet flavor that includes hints of raspberry, you’re in for a treat. Plus, they’re higher in Vitamins A and C than standard navel oranges—a great boost to help you stay healthy all winter.

Organic Blood Oranges

It’s Blood Orange season! These juicy treats are only available from late winter through early summer, so now’s the time to savor them. Enjoy the rich orange flavor with raspberry and strawberry overtones, with less acidity than standard oranges.

Organic Envy Apples

Meet the Envy apple! A cross between Braeburn and Royal Gala apples using natural plant-breeding methods, they have everything you want in an apple. Balanced sweetness, a fresh aroma, a satisfying crunch, and a beautiful red appearance … wow!