Brighten Up Your Week with Something New

Flavorful snacks, fresh flowers, and more your family will love.

Keep everyone fueled up through the cold weather! From satisfying after-school snacks, to fresh seasonal produce and colorful new flowers, bring some cheer to winter with these latest picks.   

Caulipower Pizza and Chicken Bites

The nostalgic pizza and chicken bites you love, made with ingredients you can feel good about! These snacks from Caulipower are gluten-free and all-natural, with a crispy, crunchy texture you’ll be obsessed with. Plus, they’re ready in minutes for an easy after-school snack!

Angel Bakeries Pitas

Meet the “perfect pita”! With a cloudlike fluffy texture and a sturdy, leak-proof design, these pita pockets from Angel Bakeries are ready for your favorite fillings. Just pop them into the microwave to warm up, and add pretty much anything inside!

Snow Days Pepperoni Pizza Bites

Cheesy, delicious goodness that’s ready in minutes! These pepperoni pizza bites from Snow Days are made with grass-fed cheese, organic tomatoes, and uncured pepperoni. Just heat them up in the oven or air fryer, and enjoy the irresistible taste of pizza.

Ursa Major Lunar Bloom Retinal Serum

Wake up to radiant, well-rested skin with this serum from Lunar Bloom! Described as the “swiss army knife” of corrective and preventative skincare, it’s formulated with Retinal, plant-derived ceramides, and night-blooming flower extracts to promote optimal rejuvenation while you sleep.

Organic Comice Pears

Comice Pears are juicy, buttery, and incredibly sweet. Try them paired with your favorite soft ripening cheese like Brie, Camembert, or Blue. They make a delicious addition to any charcuterie board, and are great for snacking on their own!

Organic Triple Cross Tangerines

Snack on these bright, juicy Triple Cross Tangerines! They’re crosses between three delicious citruses: Temple tangors, Dancy mandarins, and Encore mandarins. Perfect on their own, in salads, grain bowls, smoothies, or baked goods. Yes, please! 

Chuao Chocolate Bars

Gift your Valentine something different this year with these unique, gourmet chocolate bars from Chuao! With decadent flavors like S’Mores, Potato Chip, Firecracker, and Dark Honeycomb, there’s a flavor to satisfy any kind of craving, from sweet to spicy.

Frontier Co-Op Bulk Organic Everything Spice Blend

Try this popular “Everything” spice that goes well with … well, everything! Frontier Co-Ops’s Bulk Organic Blend is made with a savory blend of garlic, salt, onion, and seeds, free from artificial ingredients. Add the classic bagel flavor you love to avocados, eggs, veggies, or salads.

Lentiful Instant Lentil Cups

Hot, flavorful lentils in just over a minute! These Instant Lentil Cups are packed with protein, fiber, and nutrients that make for a satisfying and filling snack. Try the full lineup of craveable flavors like Mexican Green Chile, French Mirepoix, and Homestyle Chili.

Yofiit Chickpea Milk

Have you tried Chickpea Milk yet? With ~10x more protein than other plant-based milks and a subtle, nutty flavor, it might become your new favorite. Try Yofiit’s Original, Vanilla, or Oat flavors, all made with zero gums or thickeners.

El Nacho Sea Salt Tortilla Chips

El Nacho’s “OG” tortilla chip is popular for a reason! These classic sea salt chips are made with whole-grain corn, ground with hard-carved volcanic stones for authentic flavor and a perfect crunch. They’re delicious with your favorite queso or salsa, or are tasty enough to enjoy on their own!

Loisa Sazon and Adobo Organic Seasonings

Bring some delicious Latin flavor to your kitchen with these seasonings from Loisa. Their organic Sazón and Adobo mixes are made with only pure spices and sea salt to bring a rich, traditional taste to any dish. 

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Protein Oats

Power-up your morning with these oats from Bob’s Red Mill! With 60% more protein than regular oats, they’re an ideal filling breakfast. Top with your favorite fruits and nuts, drizzle with honey or syrup, or sprinkle with cinnamon … yum!

Alpha Paw Cat Litter Genius Health

A safer, cleaner alternative to traditional clay litter! Alpha Paw’s “Genius Litter” is made of super absorbent, odor-trapping crystals that are dust-free and low-tracking. Plus, it changes color based on the health of your cat’s urine for easy monitoring.

Fresh Tulip Bunches: In-Store Only

Brighten someone’s day (or your own!) with these fresh, beautiful tulips. They’re the perfect reminder that spring is *almost* here.