We at Healthy Living have been supporting Brookfarm for a few years with the purchase of their great macadamia nut oil and now we have just brought in three incredible macadamia nuts as well. 

Founded in 1999 by Pam and Martin Brook, Brookfarm is today Australia’s leading producer of premium quality Macadamia products and works on the 3 P’s principal, Passion for Quality,  Passion for a better environment and Passion for great tasting healthy food.

On our own farm we have planted over 30,000 sub-tropical rainforest and Eucalypt trees. At Brookfarm we are committed to planting 1500 rainforest trees a year.  Our transition to full Organic Certification began in January 2010 and is the completion of a 10 year program of moving our farm to safe and natural farming methods . We have eliminated chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilisers from our farm. We now critically look at all aspects of our farming operation to reduce our carbon footprint. 

In November 2008 Brookfarm formed a partnership with the Australian based Rainforest Rescue. We have committed funds from the sales of our new Walkabout Mix and Brookfarm Bars to preserve for ever land that borders the Daintree National Park. By buying back this freehold land we preserve vitally important wildlife corridors that will protect native animals including the endangered Cassowary.