Brooklyn Insulated Lager

Brooklyn Insulated Lager

The inception of Brooklyn Brewery truly begins at the birthplace of beer itself.  1984, Steve Hindy, Middle East Correspondent for the Associated Press, covered wars in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Sudan.  During his time in the Middle East, Steve befriended diplomats based in Saudi Arabia, where alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  The envoys ended up being avid homebrewers and shared their passion with Steve, which he took home with him.  Back in Brooklyn, Steve recruited his downstairs neighbor, banker Tom Potter, as well as brew-master Garrett Oliver to establish the Brooklyn Brewery in 1988.

Aside from being Steve and Tom’s home, Brooklyn made an ideal location for a brewery; its history runs deep with beer.  Immigrants in the 19th century who shared their knowledge for brewing contributed 10% of the nation’s beer from Brooklyn alone until the start of prohibition in 1919.  One might argue that Brooklyn Brewery is more than a part of the resurgence of craft beer in the United States; it is an icon for New York State beers, mining deep into the area’s beer-producing past.

Present day finds Brooklyn Brewery flaunting several rewards.  The brewers at Brooklyn may have diversified greatly from their flagship Brooklyn Lager into iconic Belgian style brews, but one seasonal release hits close to home:  the Insulated Dark Lager.

Brooklyn’s Insulated Dark Lager is brewed with German Munich, roasted Carafa, and Pilsner malts, creating a nimble body, while additions of American black barley adds a touch of roast coffee.  This ultimately gives the beer its dark brown body and nutty, malty, bready smell.  Dry hopping with American and German hops create a floral nose and continues into the dry, warming finish.  This is a superb beer to take off the chill on a cold night or to enjoy with barbecue or sharp Irish cheddar.

-Douglas, Divine Wines