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New Bulk Items

We have some nutritious new additions to our Bulk Department this month. Following the trend of sprouted foods, we now have sprouted almond meal, and sprouted flax meal. Sprouting helps activate many enzymes, break down gluten, and make the product easier to digest, which helps the nutrients become more available.  Flax for example, is  difficult to digest and its nutrients can be poorly absorbed. Sprouting increases the enzymes, and the seed is on the way to becoming a plant. When the seed begins to sprout, the natural inhibitors that protect the seed from digestion, are deactivated.  So now with our sprouted ground flax in bulk , you can sprinkle it your granola, your smoothies, or use it as an egg substitute, (http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/04/replacing-eggs-with-flax/)  and get even more of the nutritional benefits it has to offer!

Almond Meal is equally as versatile, and can be used in many recipes to enhance it’s nutritional profile.

For more information, here is an in depth essay on the benefits of the sprouting process. http://wss.nourishingconnections.org/Education/Purpose%20of%20Soaking.pdf