Bulk News

Healthy Living House Made Nut Butter!

Over the last couple days in Bulk,  I’ve been creating a new flavor for our grind your own nut butter section. I was looking to do something a little different, something more savory. I wanted to do something that, while still being a cousin to more conventional nut butters, had a little more class. I wanted something you could pair with prosciutto and gouda on a baguette.   I thought starting with tamari almonds would be a good place for inspiration.  Cacao had also been on my mind lately, and cacao in it’s natural state, without the sugar and everything else that gets added to it,  has a nice full bitter flavor that I thought would pair nicely with the umami of the tamari almonds. In mixing the almonds and cacao,  I thought the taste needed some sweetness to round out the flavor.  In went the maple mixed nuts.  In the end I think we have something you’ll enjoy, and that you may have never tasted before.
You can try this newest addition to bulk by asking a staff member for a sample, and you can send any feedback to me, Graham, the Bulk Buyer here at Healthy Living – grahamg@healthylivingmarket.com – and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.