Bunny on the Barbie?

bbq rabbitWe’ve added locally-raised rabbit to our awesome selection of quality meats and poultry from regional producers.

Situated in Lake Luzerne, NY, Adirondack Rabbit Ranch delivers  New Zealand and New Zealand-Satin mixes to Healthy Living’s meat department where we offer them fresh as well as frozen. Need one cut up? No problem our butchers are happy to oblige! Raised on an all-natural diet of alfalfa, high-protein grains and water with plenty of care and kindness. No chemicals. No hormones. Learn more about ADK Rabbit Ranch at www.adkrabbit.com.

Why we like rabbit:

·        With its mild and delicate flavor, it’s a versatile all-white meat

·        Nutritious – high in protein, lower in fat than beef, pork, turkey AND chicken

·        Sustainable – high conversion of feed to meat (1/6th that of beef for instance)rabbit