Cheese Department’s Holiday Picks!

cheese department

‘Tis the season… for amazing, decadent, special cheeses!  But with so much to choose from, how can one decide?!  Let our Cheese Department come to the rescue!  We’d like to help you with your holiday cheese selections so we’re each offering a few suggestions for incredible and memorable cheese boards and gifts.  Keep reading to discover our picks (and heads up: for the most part, they are rich, Rich, RICH, but we figure the holidays are the perfect time for indulging).



Sean’s picks are all creamy, rich, and luscious.

He recommends Bonne Bouche by Vermont Creamery because of its pleasing balance between tangy and fresh goat milk flavors and the ash-ripened rind, plus the elegant packaging allows for a delicious ready-made gift that any cheese lover will, well, love.

He also suggests La Tur, a complex and gorgeous cheese from Italy made from three milks- cow, sheep, and goat- which he recommends because of the unique and special taste that comes from the combination of all these milks, which he particularly likes when the cheese is on the ripe side.

For a third pick, he’s partial to the French double cream St. Agur blue cheese due to its creaminess and well-rounded flavor, and the fact that it’s “flavorful without the tanginess of most blue cheeses”.


Graham’s choices are all made in Vermont and reflect some of the best that this state currently offers.

First up, Graham goes for Harbison by Jasper Hill Farm because it’s rich, creamy, has pleasantly unexpected flavors, and offers a pleasing presentation, making it another great gift or centerpiece for a cheese board.

He also likes the cow-goat blend cheese called Cremont by Vermont Creamery (the same folks who make Bonne Bouche) which he loves because it’s “slightly funky but approachable” as well as being rich (yep, there’s that word again!) and decadent.

And to round off his choices, he picks Rupert by Consider Bardwell Farm due to its fine-tuned balance of salty, nutty, and sweet flavors.


Erin’s recommendations tend to the stronger, more powerful flavors where a little goes a long way.

She suggests the Italian sheep’s milk cheese Moliterno al Tartufo because it’s replete with the sharp flavors of sheep’s milk and – here’s what makes it a real holiday treat – the fragrant, earthy tastes of black truffles.

Lastly, she opts for Rogue River Blue by Rogue Creamery because it’s complex (dense, creamy, crunchy, sweet, and tangy) and made extra special by being wrapped in grape leaves which have been macerated in pear brandy.


Cherie’s suggestions all come from Vermont and when put together, make a delicious and well-balanced cheese board!

She recommends Mt. Alice by Von Trapp Farmstead, a camembert-style cheese, because it lends itself to so many tempting and decadent presentations, particularly as a ‘baked brie’ stuffed inside puffed pastry which becomes “wonderful, oozy cheese goodness”.

She also goes for the Smoked Cheddar by Shelburne farms with which just about any cheese board accompaniment goes swimmingly, especially candied nuts, and because it’s simply her favorite local smoked cheddar!

Last up, Cherie proposes the Chèvre by Does’ Leap Farm because it’s creamy, organic, versatile, flavorful yet mild, and with some of your favorite jam or preserves stirred in, it becomes a special & memorable holiday delight.

And if nothing featured here looks appealing, don’t worry: we have plenty more exceptional and satisfying options! Come on by and we can help you out!