Cheese of the Week: Affidelice au Chablis

If you’re looking for something sumptuous, elegant, and extremely tasty, look no further than the little cheese called Affidelice, a combination of the French “affine” (ripe) and “delice” (delight).  Also known as Affidelice au Chablis, it is a little round of pasteurized cow’s milk cheese which has been washed in Chablis wine from the Burgundy region of France.  Its texture is dense and velvety in the center and fluid around the edges, held in place by a soft, moist, orange rind.  The flavor is considerably milder than its aroma, which is rather strong, and milder than its cousin Epoisses; it is buttery, fruity, and a little farmy.  We recommend you eat this cheese at room temperature- a spoon works well- and pair this cheese with a glass of Chardonnay, like Chablis, or a sparkling wine.  It also pairs terrifically with sweet and acidic fruits.