Cheese of the week: Bonne Bouche


Known for their consistent production of high quality and completely delicious goat and goat/cow blend cheeses, Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery has become one of the most recognized and lauded cheesemakers in Vermont.  Making European-style cheeses at their location in Websterville, Vermont, the company does a terrific job of combining Old World inspiration with Vermont terroir.  Among their unique offerings is their flagship signature goat’s milk cheese called Bonne Bouche; literally “good mouthful”, in French.  This particular creation has been made for ten years now and it’s the kind of cheese that is simply unforgettable- so much so that it won the Best Aged Goat Cheese at the 2010 American Cheese Society competition, as well as Runner Up for Best in Show.  Made from pasteurized goat’s milk, the curds are hand-ladled into molds and covered with ash before aging.  As the little rounds age, the flavors transition from being more milky and mild to tangy and sweet, and the rind becomes a little drier while the paste becomes more gooey.  Enhancing all of this is that vegetable ash layer which brings a nice mineral quality to the taste.  We’re happy to offer this cheese and recommend trying it baked with roasted vegetables or added to leafy green salads if you’re looking for something savory.  In the mood for a dessert? Simply pair it with honeycomb or drizzled maple syrup, sit back, and enjoy.