Cheese of the week: Boucher Blue

We’re feeling the sweet and crisp winds of autumn coming into town and felt like showcasing a sweet and crisp cheese to go with them, so we’re introducing you to a beautiful raw cow’s milk blue cheese called Boucher Blue, made by the talented people at Green Mountain Blue Cheese.  Although cheesemaker Dawn Morin-Boucher initially based the recipe for this cheese on the French Fourme d’Ambert, it has become a true farmhouse and farmstead cheese over the years and reflects the terroir of Vermont, specifically Highgate Center, where the farm is located (and run by brothers Dan and Denis Boucher).  Its texture is quite smooth yet slightly crumbly at the same time, and its flavor is both mild and complex with notes of chestnuts and sweet hay; in fact, it’s mild and interesting enough that we often recommend it to people who aren’t sure they like blue cheeses or who averse to strong blues.  The cheesemakers recommend serving this as an amuse-bouche and suggest it paired with a drop of Amaretto, but we think a drizzle of honey and a slice of a sweet local apple would be a hit as well.  Wine pairings include any sweet and fruit-forward wines of your preference.