Cheese of the week: Cabot Reserve


This week, we’re featuring Cabot’s newest addition to their line of wildly successful cheddar cheeses: the Artisan Reserve Cheddar.  Just in time for the winter holidays, this particular cheese brings all the Cabot Creamery characteristics you’ve come to expect from the company (pasteurized fresh cow’s milk from New England and upstate New York farmer-owners, accessible and classic cheddar flavor, high quality and affordability) in addition to a unique and mature flavor profile.  Aged for three years and hand-selected, it has a robust flavor and aroma- very sweet and fruity- with a firm texture, and that sort of tingly finish one often finds in aged cheddars.  Tiny mineral crystals are found throughout the one-pound bricks of cheese, adding a delightful crunch to the otherwise solid yet creamy cheddar.  Being a Reserve cheese, there is a limited supply available, so we recommend trying this sooner rather than later!