Cheese of the week; Cotswold


We hop across the pond this week to feature a cheese known by many names and known for its distinctly delicious flavor.  You can call it “Cotswold”, “Double Gloucester with chives”, or simply “Pub Cheese”: all of these refer to a mellow and crumbly-yet-smooth double Gloucester to which has been added plenty of chives and spring onions.  Made in England(Cotswold is a region of southwestern England) from pasteurized cows’ milk, it is extremely popular in pubs throughout the country.  It’s a tremendously visually-appealing cheese, being a soft orange color with flecks of green interspersed throughout, and it has a taste to match: the sweetness of the cheese itself is balanced nicely by the savory onion and chive flavors.  Traditionally, it is served with rustic bread and dark ales but it also goes well with fresh vegetable salads and melts rather nicely!  Brilliant!